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Here, the natives treat all the guests as their source of food and clothing. If anyone dared to offend a guest in Forgotten Traces, then they could no longer stay here ever again.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and stared at the brawny man whose face was being stepped on.


"Let him go."


The fatty man jumped away immediately.


The brawny man sat up from the ground and looked confusedly at the beautiful little girl.


"How much gold?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


"What&h.e.l.lip; what?"


"I said how much would it cost to buy these two?” Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and asked, her face was sullen.


When the fatties heard it, they immediately put up a charming smile.


"This&h.e.l.lip; To be honest, this little s.l.u.t had already been purchased by another client. If you want a kind of person similar to this little s.l.u.t, we have a lot of slaves similar to her and all of them are well-behaved and would absolutely satisfy you.”


Shen Yanxiao coldly groaned.


"Such nonsense, I want them both. As to how much money you want, just say it."


Those fatties showed a distress appearance. They did not want to offend this guest but that Little Jiu had already been bought by another customer.


While the group of fatties hesitated, a rambling voice suddenly came.


“Is this how the Forgotten Traces do their business? It’s ridiculous, even the slaves here are not properly discipline.” A handsome young man in his twenties emerged from the crowd and following behind him were several strong men. In the hands of every burly man, they were holding at least three or four sluggish slaves.


Those merchants saw the emergence of young man and immediately welcomed them.


"This young master, please listen to our explanation. We will give Little Jiu to you immediately. Please don't be angry."


The young man smirked and ignored what they were saying. He looked behind Shen Yanxiao and saw Little Jiu, he sneered, "Indeed, this cheap s.l.u.t is the most rubbish of them all, in a blink of an eye, she’s already clinging onto a new client.”


Little Jiu's body s.h.i.+vered and didn’t dare to utter a reply.


The youth immediately saw Shen Yanxiao and examined the extremely beautiful young girl from head to toe.


"Tsk, tsk. This beautiful young lady, this despicable slave is incompatible with your ident.i.ty. Having her around will only tarnish your beauty." The young man was amazed by Shen Yanxiao’s appearance. A gentle smile was plastered on his lips as he waved his hand and immediately, his servants brought several young girls in front of Shen Yanxiao.


These little girls were all wearing chains on their limbs. They walked in front of Shen Yanxiao and immediately knelt obediently on the ground. Their gloomy eyes were overcast. It was as if they were obedient dolls that were being played with.


“These are the children that I’ve picked from here. Not only do they have a fair appearance and are well-behaved, they are also very clever. They can easily do something with just a few adjustments.” The young man smiled and said as if he didn’t mind someone buying what he had just bought and surrendering them.


Shen Yanxiao frowned, the other person's flattering att.i.tude made her feel very annoyed, and it also made her confuse even more. This young man’s repeated explanation were the crucial point.


He wanted the girl behind her and was willing to trade with more slaves.


For an unruly slave girl to be paid with more slaves, it was very confusing in itself.


As for the other person’s rhetoric, Shen Yanxiao didn’t take it seriously.


The reason why this man was patience was either because of her appearance or something else entirely. Whichever it was though, she did not care that much, this was the only thing she was sure of.



Compared to the slaves who had already lost their sanity and dignity, she would rather buy someone like Little Jiu who still knew how to resist.


"I'm sorry, I do not intend to change the slave." Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms over her chest and there was a trace of disapproval on her face.


The young man looked distracted at first before he immediately laughed and answered, "But this child is my first choice."


"Oh?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow.


"But have you already paid for her?”


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