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In the southern area of the Barren Land, a majestic city towered above the ruined land.


This city which belonged to the Lan Yue Dynasty was called Magical Fantasy City.


One group of travel-worn people were dragging their feet wearily before the city gates.


The soldier at the city wall looked at that group of people for a long time and did not bother to see who exactly the other party was. Because every single person in that group was covered with dirt as if they had crawled out from a mud.


"Open the gates, open the gates, Master Qu Rui had returned." The man who was kneeling before the gate was almost wailing.


After the soldiers in the tower heard the name of Qu Rui, they immediately opened the gates.


Qu Rui entered the city with the help of two people.


“What is going on here?” The soldiers guarding the gates inside looked at the sorry figures of the group of people in front of them in surprise. They clearly remembered that half a month ago, master Qu Rui brought more than two hundred people to the mining area in the eastern region. How come they looked this battered and exhausted now?


Moreover, only fifty plus people from the team of more than 200 people had actually returned?


"Quickly... Go and tell the City Lord that we were attacked." The man carrying Qu Rui stammered, and Qu Rui whom he was holding in his hands had already fainted.


After they heard the man, the officers guarding the city immediately sent out a notification.


A handsome, slightly feminine man sat in the main hall. His exquisite white clothes made him appear extraordinarily n.o.ble and sacred.


He was the City Lord of the Magical Fantasy City and the Duke's son of the Lan Yue Dynasty— Geng Di. Aside from the fact that he was from the Duke's Palace, he was also valued by the Lan Yue Dynasty for his strength. Ten years ago, he had succeeded in rebuilding the Magical Fantasy City in the southern part of the Barren Land at the age of 22 and acquired the t.i.tle of the Count of the Lan Yue Dynasty.


For the next ten years, he had stayed in the Magical Fantasy City and finally opened up a territory in the Barren Land for the Lan Yue Dynasty. 


But no one would ever think that such a prestigious Count actually had a slightly feminine face. This feminine appearance had been a thorn in Geng Di's heart.


At this moment, Geng Di's eyes were dangerously squinted as he looked at the few men kneeling at his feet.


“Just what the h.e.l.l is going on? You departed the city with more than 200 people, and now, you actually brought only fifty-three people back!” Geng Di exploded in anger. He wondered how in h.e.l.l more than half of these people who were usually being dispatched outside lost their lives. Moreover, Qu Rui was still in a coma, which could be said to be the biggest loss he had encountered ever since the city was built.


“This...” The few men shuddered in fear. Don't be deceived by Geng Di's gentle and reserved appearance, every one of his means was extremely vicious. Those who were working under him were very cautious in carrying their heads around.


"Spit it out! If you can't provide me an explanation, just roll out for mee and di!" Geng Di shouted full of fury.


“We wsere originally mining ore in the eatern part of the Barren Land and everything was fine. However, the representative of the Long Xuan Empire pa.s.sed by. They saw us mining ores in the eastern region and made us get out of there. Master Qu Rui argue a few sentences with her, then... there was a fight."


“Representative of the eastern region?” Geng Di narrowed his eyes. He then sneered and said, “That green youngster is actually following the rules? They dared to go to the Barren Land yet they didn't inquire how things really work in here? Who exactly that representative of Long Xuan Empire to dare to criticize the people of my Lan Yue Dynasty? How dare that person tell my men to get lost? I guess that fellow is already tired of living. How many people do they have?"



"You mean that the other person is a small child? And it's a girl even?" Geng Di's mouth twitched. If he didn't know that his men did not dare to lie before him, he would really treat this as a big joke.


Geng Di’s face was cloudy and uncertain.




Geng Di: So you are telling me that my two hundred soldiers lost against a little girl?

Soldier A: But-

Geng Di: You lost against a little girl yet you still dare to find excuse as for your defeat?!

Soldier A: But she has two mythological beast&h.e.l.lip;

Shen Yanxiao: Correction, I have three mythological beast. And beside of that I also ha-

Sky: CUT! This isn’t your part yet!

Shen Yanxiao: But they are saying wrong information! How could I just stand by and watch they speak nonsense? At least let them know who they are fighting against so to give them a bit advantage of knowing their enemy.

Sky: What advantage? Just knowing that you are building a demon army is enough to kill them! At least let them dream of winning!

Shen Yanxiao: That’s true. *thinking*

Geng Di: &h.e.l.lip; mama I want to go home *Sob* (T_T)

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