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The Imperial Capital that had been enjoying a quiet life for about half a year ushered in someone’s evil claws once again.


The whole night, all those who could be regarded as a wealthy family in the Imperial Capital had suffered from a treacherous a.s.sault and a large number of gold coins had vanished into thin air, yet not a single valuable things were missing.


The two who had the most losses were the State Treasury and the largest bank in the Imperial Capital.


Every wealthy home in the entire Imperial Capital exploded in anger early in the next morning. All the indignant people posted a reward to apprehend the unscrupulous thief, determined to beat the c.r.a.p out of that person.


Meanwhile, that certain unscrupulous little thief who had just returned from a “rewarding journey” just went inside one of the shops in the Imperial Capital. She generously bought ten storage rings with a storage s.p.a.ce of one hundred square meters, and then immediately entered the market afterward.


As soon as she entered a shop, Shen Yanxiao waved her hand and pointed around the shop full of things, "This, this, this, I don't want them, everything else, wrapped up for me!"


[TL Sky: I don’t know why she didn’t think of stealing it so don’t ask me.]


This degree of nouveau riche was simply unheard of, and she did not even bother to bargain at all. It really made the bosses of the shops wild with joy.


Five medicine shops in the Imperial Capital had been swept away, seven clothing stores were bought completely, in twelve food shops, even a single grain of rice could not be found, and three weapons shops could not be seen with any decent daggers anymore.


This was such a very marvelous day. When the wealthy families who had been patronized by the unscrupulous thief were weeping, the shop owners who sold all their stock were crying with joy while facing up the sky.


Several families were happy and several were grieving.


With this kind of speed of squandering money, Shen Yanxiao actually only filled two of the storage rings she had bought.


The stocks in the shop were very limited. It was quite difficult to store up enough things. About this point, Shen Yanxiao found the four animals that came back together with her.


In the most luxurious restaurant in the Imperial Capital, Shen Yanxiao generously invited a total of five people, the four animals plus an additional family member to come.


Sitting in a magnificent and extravagant private room, the four animals were looking at Shen Yanxiao's face which was radiating happiness with a meaningful expression.


"What did you do last night?" Tang Nazhi narrowed his eyes, watching the grinning Shen Yanxiao. Although he threw an interrogative sentence, his tone was extremely positive.


"You absolutely did it." Yang Xi was very sure.


"It was really savage." Yan Yu sighed and shook his head.


Qi Xia just chuckled. It was rare for him not to open his mouth to spit out some words of ridicule.


Li Xiaowei, on one side, however, was unable to make head or tail of the mysterious words of the few animals.


"What are you talking about?" Li Xiaowei could not help but ask.


Tang Nazhi put a hand on his own brother's shoulder and said, "Last night, two hundred and thirty wealthy families in the Imperial Capital had been robbed. The loss amounted to more than 50 million gold coins..."


"Fifty... more than 50 million&h.e.l.lip; gold coins?" Li Xiaowei swallowed his saliva with great difficulty. He grew up as a commoner, not to mention 50 million gold coins, he had not even seen five thousand gold coins.


"Who did it?" Li Xiaowei asked.


For a moment, the eyes of several other people in the room traveled all the way to see Shen Yanxiao who was holding chopsticks.


Li Xiao blinked his eyes, somewhat unable to believe it.


"You shouldn't be saying..."


Li Xiaowei's words had not yet been spoken when he suddenly saw Shen Yanxiao raised her other hand. A glittering and translucent crystal pendant swayed on her hand.


Li Xiaowei's face darkened.


This pendant was given to him after his return to the Black Tortoise Clan.



Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the door of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. The male and female Phoenix stood at her sides.


The two mercenaries who was guarding the door were not that old. When they saw the delicate and beautiful little girl standing by the door, the expressions on their faces looked a bit stiff. They made a handsome appearance by sticking their chest out and putting on an upright expression. From time to time, they would secretly glance at Shen Yanxiao.


How could such a beautiful young lady appear in front of the door of their mercenary corps?



Female Phoenix: HOW DARE YOU?

Female Phoenix: I’m also a beautiful young-looking lady! Why are you only looking and praising Little XIao?? Are you implying something with that?!

Male Phoenix: Calm down, hun. Maybe they haven’t seen your face that’s why. Besides, who are you calling young? You’re already a thousand-year-old grandma.

Female Phoenix: What did you say?

Male Phoenix: I said even if you’ll look like a thousand-year-old grandma, I will still love you!

Female Phoenix: (#゚ロ゚#)


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