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"I know." Shen Yue nodded.

Shen Duan sneered and said, "The Barren Land is a place where demons are rampant. For thousands of years, there are only a total of three people who had successfully built a city there. Over the years, a lot of winners of the Long Xuan Empire school tournament have lost their lives in the Barren Land. If Shen Yanxiao lands herself in serious trouble, it is not surprising."

Shen Yue was startled.

"Second Brother you mean... we should wait until Shen Yanxiao goes to the Barren Land?"

Shen Duan raised an eyebrow, "Why not? Inside the Vermillion Bird Clan, we couldn't easily make a move on her, but it's not the same once she goes to the Barren Land where no one could protect her. So what if she had the Vermillion Bird's protection? Not only are there  demons in the Barren Land, there are also dark magical beasts from the underground. How can those creatures who have become entrenched in their territories allow humans to encroach on their territory?"

"Moreover you should not forget that Shen Yanxiao is a Warlock. What future can a Warlock have in Radiance Continent? I believe it isn't only us who want her to die, even his highness the Emperor very likely finds her to be a headache. Tomorrow, I will find someone to meet his highness Emperor, and mention to him to choose a good place to appoint to that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, where she would surely land herself in serious trouble.” Shen Duan leisurely said. Under his mild surface was the viciousness of a venomous snake.

Shen Yanxiao could only blame her life for not being good enough. Of all the things she could learn, she had to learn the Warlock path.

It had to be known that the Warlock was a profession that was disliked by all the countries in the Radiance Continent. It was like a huge stain. Although the damage that the Warlocks once caused had gradually faded from people's eyes, they were still an unstable existence for the king of a country.

“Second Brother, that's really a good plan!” Shen Yue was secretly elated. He wished Shen Yanxiao would die sooner and no corpse would be left behind.

Shen Duan's scheme was indeed extremely sinister, killing without spilling any blood.

He feared that on the day when Shen Yanxiao died, no one for sure would think that all of these was Shen Duan pulling the strings behind.

"By the way, has Yifeng been well these days? I haven't seen him for a long time now and can't help but miss him a bit." Seeing how sinister Shen Duan could be, Shen Yue could not help but become afraid, so he hurriedly b.u.t.tered him up.

Once his son was mentioned, Shen Duan's complexion eased up a little. He smiled and said, “Following his master around, he has progressed a lot. In fact, I'm doing all these troubles of dealing with Shen Yanxiao all for him. As long as Shen Yanxiao is not dead, Vermillion Bird will never return. Only when she is dead will Yifeng have the opportunity to obtain Vermillion Bird."

Having Vermillion Bird was equivalent to obtaining the position of the clan head, and Shen Duan had never given up on his intention to push his son to the position of the clan head.

"But then again...if we really kill that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'm afraid father will not easily let this go. He will surely investigate thoroughly who harmed Shen Yanxiao." Shen Yue was still a little worried. It was obvious that Shen Feng cared about Shen Yanxiao the most right now. If Shen Yanxiao had an accident, he feared that no explanation would be good enough.

Shen Duan did not think so. He stared at the swaying candlelight in the room and the corners of his mouth hooked up into a malicious smile.

"If at that time, he can still investigate, then let him have a good investigation. But I'm afraid he will not have such opportunity."

Shen Yue shuddered and a fear arose in his heart. He could feel that there was something behind Shen Duan's words.

He had long known about Shen Duan's viciousness. When his older brother Shen Xi's family of five had inexplicably died, Shen Feng painstakingly pursued the matter but it was without results. In Shen Yue's speculation, he was afraid that that matter could not be separated from Shen Duan.

Because only after the eldest son died, could they, the younger brothers, had the possibility of inheriting the position of the clan head!

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