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In such a crowded venue, everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the war.

People were waiting to see whether the powerful Magician would win, or if the agile Archer would come out on top, or even if that unscrupulous Warlock could win the champions.h.i.+p.

The final arrangement for the final matches was a battle between Shen Yanxiao and Li Xiaowei first, then the winner would confront Qi Xia in the final battle.

People could more or less feel that something was amiss with this arrangement.

Long Xuan Empire had always favored the Magician profession. The Magician was undoubtedly the strongest among all professions.

Although Li Xiaowei had made it to the finals, he had almost no background.

But the real target for such arrangements was Shen Yanxiao.

Even if the registration of the Warlock had been accepted in this school tournament, the organizers of the tournament were not willing to see a Warlock win the champions.h.i.+p, so of course, they would arrange such an unfair game.

Two matches one after another, even if Shen Yanxiao won against Li Xiaowei, she must expend a lot of effort. There was almost no time to rest. The next battle, she would then confront the all-powerful Qi Xia, which was simply a blatant suppression.

Even so, the audience would not be outraged by the injustice Shen Yanxiao was receiving. For they also did not want to see the Warlock win this tournament.

Therefore, many people were in favor of such an arrangement.

"Really, they didn’t even try to cover it up." Shen Yanxiao crossed her hands over her chest. She just quietly listened to the old man who hosted the afternoon matches as he announced the final arrangements of the tournament.

How could she not see the trick in the arrangement for the final matches of the school tournament?

They were trying every means to bring her down. Because of the impartiality of the school tournament, they could not do anything overboard to her, so they just arranged more matches for her, and put the fully rested Qi Xia as the last line.

No matter if it was her or Li Xiao who won, they would face Qi Xia in his peak.

In this way, their winning rate would naturally reduce a lot.

It seemed not only her, the Warlock, who was not being put in their eyes. Even Li Xiaowei who had no background seemed to receive the same treatment.

After all, the champion was the person that would go to the barren land to open up a city, and Qilin Clan was the wealthiest family in Long Xuan Empire, hence, they were the most suitable force for the land reclamation.

Shen Yanxiao stroke her chin, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng a trace of coldness.

They wanted to pull her down with this kind of way? How could she do as they wish?

"This preferential treatment is really hard to refuse ah." Qi Xia leisurely chuckled.

"Old people are physically weak, you just rest for a while, save your waist from aching in the next match." Shen Yanxiao looked at Qi Xia with her eyebrow raised, her mouth full of nasty words.

Qi Xia laughed.

He was only 16 years old, yet she actually called him "old". This little girl's tongue was really poisonous.

Li Xiaowei, who had been standing on one side, seemed to understand the purpose of school tournament’s arrangement, his face cloudy and uncertain.

Although Shen Yanxiao and co knew that he had the bloodline of the Black Tortoise Clan in him, others did not know. Otherwise, the final matches would not be arranged in this way.

"Don't be too ruthless, after all, he's Nazhi's brother." Qi Xia patted Shen Yanxiao's shoulder and then walked to the side of the waiting area to sit down.

Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled. Under everyone's attention, she boarded the ring together with Li Xiaowei.

The two oppressed teenagers would grab the final ticket right here. Even in the face of unreasonable and unfair treatment, they would never give up!

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