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The red flames gradually shrunk, turning into two people's size falling to the center of the venue!

The red-clad figure slowly emerged from within the raging crimson flames, exposing her peerless appearance in the air.

The flame, after she stepped out, turned once again into a huge firebird and hovered over the sky.

At this moment, the entire venue was in absolute silence.

All eyes were focused on the body of that beautiful maiden.

Obviously, she was just a little girl who had not yet grown up, but her peerless beauty let all women feel ashamed and unworthy.

She just stood there quietly, like a magnet that was drawing all attention.

"You are?" The old man who hosted the finals finally recovered his voice and asked somewhat awkward.

The stunning young lady hooked her lips up and squinted her eyes, with a clear and firm voice she said:

"Vermillion Bird Clan's Shen Yanxiao, represents the Holy Roland School Warlock Branch in this school tournament!"


The young lady's clear voice brought unparalleled sensation to the whole venue. The crowd that was greatly immersed in the girl's mien was now in a complete riot!

Who would have imagined that the Warlock who was spurned by the people would actually be such a fascinating beauty?

Ouyang Huanyu stared at Shen Yanxiao in astonishment. The light flickering in the corner of his eyes seemed to be from an excitement, shock, and ecstasy; such complex emotions were hidden under his pretentious surface!

However, the most shocked of all were the few animals in the center of the venue.

Tang Nazhi's jaw directly dropped to the ground after Shen Yanxiao's speech, his mouth agape as he was incredulously staring at that stunning beauty.

This... This was really their little girl? That Shen Yanxiao?

What... what a joke!

Although Tang Nazhi had long known the real gender of Shen Yanxiao, Shen Yanxiao had always had an una.s.suming appearance in front of them. He had never thought that this wild girl covered in dirt, after was.h.i.+ng the dust away, would incredibly be so dazzling!

He always thought, Shen Yanxiao was a very intelligent girl, and also a very powerful kid, although her appearance was not really first-cla.s.s, the strength was the key.

However, when the strength and appearance coexisted,

Tang Nazhi's brain stopped functioning completely.

The reaction of Yan Yu and Yang Xi was not any better; Yan Yu had already dropped the staff in his hands to the ground, and the s.h.i.+eld in the hands of Yang Xi was already lying on his feet unknowingly.

The three animals were thoroughly petrified and stunned in place, completely unable to accept that a crow had transformed into a Phoenix, and such a magical thing had been staged in their side.

Qi Xia smiled and looked at Shen Yanxiao. His face could not be seen with any shock, but instead a hint of an amused smile.

When the Vermillion Bird appeared, he was indeed stunned, but with his brain, he quickly deduced who the little beauty atop Vermillion Bird was.

Capable of mounting the Vermillion Bird and appearing here at this time, apart from the little girl who was about to be late, who else could it be?

"... you... you are the Warlock representative of Holy Roland School?" The old man obviously felt that his ears were bad. The representative of the Warlock, the most obscure profession,  was actually a beautiful and lovely girl. Furthermore, she turned out to be from the Vermillion Bird Clan!

At the very moment when Shen Yanxiao introduced herself, almost everyone had already guessed the ident.i.ty of Vermillion Bird.

The Mythological Beast that had disappeared for a hundred years had once again appeared in the world, then this means that...

Shen Yanxiao had become the owner of the Vermillion Bird!

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