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Chapter 52-The Vermilion Bird Appears Part 1


Shen Jiayi remained perplexed, despite much thought.

Shen Yanxiao had been observing the circ.u.mstances inside the cave, but had discovered that the two brats walking ahead of her had abruptly developed abnormal expressions as they looked at her. Only after staring blankly at her for a moment, did they withdraw their line of sight.

Being unclear of what the matter was with those two brats, Shen Yanxiao was too disinclined to think much about it.

Little did she know that since, under Xiu’s coercion, she’d already broken through to rank 6, she already possessed the capability to resist the high temperature. After she’d entered the cave, she just hadn’t felt that anything was wrong, and she’d only regarded it as an effect of the Ice Silk Armour. Her thoughts simply didn’t head in the direction of her rank.

The road was very long, and it appeared as if there wasn’t an end. Even if there was bright light from the Light Congealing Crystals, it nevertheless still caused the likes of people whom had entered the Vermillion Bird’s nest for the first time, such as Shen Yifeng, to be incessantly prudent. They closely followed the back of the sage, fearing that if they got too far from the sage, some unclean things inside of the cave would jump out and attack them.

Only Shen Yanxiao incessantly snickered as she innocently looked at the group of Vermillion Bird’s third generation people, whom were well-behaved as they followed closely behind the sage, like a flock of quail.

Finally, after everyone had been oppressed for a long time, they crossed to the end of the path, and arrived in a wide cave.

In the entire cave, more than 20 Light Congealing Crystals had been placed, which only now illuminated the interior thoroughly.

Under the illumination of the Light Congealing Crystals, everything inside of the cave appeared before everyone’s eyes.

A dark stone column reached from the ground to the roof of the cave. The stone column was roughly the thickness of ten grown men combined together. It was covered in a dark red totem. A huge obsidian had been erected at the bottom of the stone column. Above the obsidian was an egg the size of a human head. These things were what greeted everyone’s vision.

That’s right, that was an egg!

On that varying contrast of fiery-red coloured eggsh.e.l.l was actually the flame totem. There was a small portion of the bottom of the egg that was embedded within the incomparably hard obsidian. The cracks extended from the bottom of the egg throughout entire piece of obsidian.

The split second that Shen Yifeng saw the Vermillion Bird egg, he just couldn’t s.h.i.+ft his line of sight away, and his heart began beating wildly.

The entire cave was flooded with a formidable fire element. Therefore, every time someone breathed, they were able to feel a portion of surging heat enter into their thoracic cavity. Even if one had already broken through to rank 6, one would still be incapable of resisting the extremely tyrannical invasion of fire element.

The brother and sister pair, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, had already been choked till both of their eyes were extremely red by breathing the fire element into their lungs, but their sights were extremely unwilling to leave the Vermillion Bird egg.

“This is the Vermilion Bird?” Shen Yifeng was uncertain as he asked the sage. As he surveyed the entire cave, there had only been this egg before his eyes that could draw a relations.h.i.+p with the Vermillion Bird.

The sage smiled and nodded his head. The formidable fire element simply didn’t cause any unwellness to him at all.

Having lain dormant for more than a hundred years, the Vermillion Bird that’d once given the Vermillion Bird Clan supreme honor, was now in the shape of an egg before everyone’s line of sight.

An egg…

Standing behind everyone, Shen Yanxiao silently looked at that egg that seemed quite valiant, but in her mind, she was laughing till she was spurting out blood.

She finally realised just why the Vermillion Bird would go through such labour like this to clear out such a vast stretch of area, just to make a vow on itself for territorial authority—because the appearance of the incomparably formidable mythological animal was unexpectedly an egg! If it was to run into some magical beast that didn’t opened its eyes, and was to mistakenly treat this big and somewhat irregular egg before its eyes as a meal…and then gnaw on it…it really wasn’t known whether or not the Vermillion Bird that was inside would dream of itself being torn apart and being swollen inside the beasts stomach.

Although the aura of this egg was formidable, in the end, it was just an egg!

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