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"Big Brother Nazhi, you have to teach this smelly brat full of nonsense a lesson. Do it for me ah!" Shen Jiayi opened her mouth as she shed crocodile tears.


Tang Nazhi shot her a glance. He really could not stand this woman who was behaving coyly all the time.


At this moment, he fondly remembered that little girl Shen Yanxiao. She was also a girl yet he did not see that little girl behave like a coy girl. Being used to Shen Yanxiao’s pure man's behavior, it was really uncomfortable whenever he saw Shen Jiayi.


"Dare to do it?" Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her chin, looking at the ”couple engaged in an illicit love affair."


"Enough of you." Tang Nazhi actually found it difficult to say anything. But he could not just let Shen Jiayi lose face in front of this crowd, after all, she was still Shen Yanxiao's elder sister. Even if he was disgusted with her, he definitely could not just let other say malicious things about her.


"Want me to shut my mouth?" Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and said with a gentle tone, "Then fight me. If you win, I will also take back what I just said."


Tang Nazhi stared at her blankly for a moment. He did not think that such a kid would actually want to fight with him.


Shen Jiayi laughed madly.


"You smelly brat, you actually want to fight with my big brother Nazhi? Just you? It's simply making people laugh to death! My big brother Nazhi is now at the level of Senior Swordsman. In his hands, one shot is enough to deal with a trash like you."


"Oh, we won't know if we don't try." Shen Yanxiao had a pair of easy and indifferent appearance. The fourth layer of her seal was now unlocked, and she had been able to determined by lifting the Frenzied Curse that her accomplishments in the Warlock had reached the level of Senior profession.


She would like to see very much how would the situation be if a Senior Warlock and a Senior Swordsman fought.


"Well then, I'll fight with you." Tang Nazhi decisively complied. Rather than accompanying this love-struck fool Shen Jiayi in an aimless stroll, he might as well play with someone else.


However, the opposite party looked fragile. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to withstand a hit. He really could not do anything but go easy on him. He would just strive to drag the battle a little longer. Luckily after the battle, he could finally send away Shen Jiayi this G.o.d of Plague!


Shen Jiayi's heart was in an endless ecstasy. Sure enough, Tang Nazhi really had her in his heart!


He even fought two battles "for her", he seriously cared about her very much!


Shen Yanxiao sneered, then she added, "Fight then fight, but since I have said that I'll shut up and won't say anything more if I lose, then how about if I win, what are you going to do?"


Tang Nazhi frowned and thought before he nodded, "You say it, what do you want?"


Shen Yanxiao hooked up her lips into a smile and unhurriedly extended a hand, pointing to the side of Shen Jiayi before she said, "I want her..."


"Ah?" Tang Nazhi was stunned. He really did not know what part of Shen Jiayi was great. How could tonight, they would actually come across people who would eye this love-struck fool woman? Could it be that the sense of beauty of Snow Blowing City was distorted?


Shen Jiayi was startled at first, then she made a shy appearance, but in her heart, she was howling with laughter while looking upwards for her own attractive features.


"I want her face to be painted with a tortoise." Shen Yanxiao breathed deeply and finished saying her request.


"Ah?" Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes, having difficulty to digest the other party's request.


Shen Jiayi's face turned green. She thought that the other party was eyeing her own beauty, but what he actually wanted was to draw a tortoise on her face!


"You! Big brother Nazhi, beat him up for me! I had enough of him, promise me to ruthlessly break him to pieces!" It was like Shen Yanxiao slapped Shen Jiayi in the face, so she was unable to restrain her anger and exploded.


Even if one would think with their toes, anyone could see that this fragile little brat was not Tang Nazhi's opponent, so Shen Jiayi naturally did not feel any pressure at all.

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