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The days still pa.s.sed as usual. Shen Yanxiao fully devoted herself into her studies as soon as her peaceful life got restored. The first day when she returned to the Archer Branch and reported, she was dragged by Xie Yun out of the cla.s.sroom and had been fiercely reprimanded, since her absenteeism records this time carried out a strong criticism to her education.

With Shen Yanxiao’s sincere apology, Xie Yun let people off.

Without Shangguan Xiao, without Pu Lisi, the Pharmaceutical Branch were like a paradise to Shen Yanxiao. But the lost of her partner Tang Nazhi gave her some sense of loss.

However, Shen Yanxiao soon realized that her life simply couldn’t be calm.

After Shen Jiayi entered the Magician Branch, she was actually quite well-behaved. But when fawning over a certain someone, she completely behaved unscrupulously.

Qi Xia was all smiles all day without saying anything, and seeing Qi Xia’s smiling face made Shen Jiayi’s self-confidence to be highly inflated.

Never would she think that this kind of expression, as far as Shen Yanxiao’s three wretched animals were concerned, was in fact their standard lack of expression.

Occasionally, Qi Xia and the rest would get together and would meet Shen Jiayi halfway. Shen Jiayi would always secretly glare at Shen Yanxiao, she could not wait to replace her position.

Shen Yanxiao had long trained her ability to ignore all sights around. Shen Jiayi’s plaintive and jealous little eyes would not be able to break her defense.

Her fighting strength was only worth fighting five dregs!

Two months time pa.s.sed by, watching that the tournament among the academies of Long Xuan Empire was only two months away, Shen Yanxiao was plunged into a deep depression.

Inflammation Gra.s.s and Demon Spirit plant were now in her full possession. But she was still lacking the Skeleton Flower.

During this time, although a large number of crystallic nucleus were delivered to her hands every day, for the present “appet.i.te” of some big Buddha, it was still not enough to even fill the gap of his teeth. Wanting to unlock the next layer of the seal before the tournament, Shen Yanxiao must think of ways to get the Skeleton Flower faster.

Otherwise, she would only be asking to be abused when she partic.i.p.ated in the national compet.i.tion at the Intermediate level.

Regarding Qi Xia and others’ strength level, Shen Yanxiao wasn’t clear. But she could be sure that at worst, those three animals had a Senior-level profession. They were the top of the three branches, representing the most elite force of Holy Roland School. And who knew if the other academies would also have a few extremely abnormal entrants.

In order to ensure that she could get the barren land territory, Shen Yanxiao could only do everything possible to gather news about the Skeleton Flower.

Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had always been there to help her pay attention, but the harvest was little.

Today happened to be a weekend, as an unscrupulous master, Shen Yanxiao rarely thought of her own released Vermilion Bird. She decisively changed into Huo Xiao’s guise and went towards the Black City.

Black City was lively as always, the street were bustling with crowds, and the screams of the hawkers could be heard everywhere.

Shen Yanxiao wandered in the crowd, her ears would hear some news in Black City from time to time.

And the words of a certain pa.s.ser-by brus.h.i.+ng past her made Shen Yanxiao's footsteps to halt.

"This time can be considered a heavy loss for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. I don't know where they get the mission, how could they have been killed and injured so much? They didn't lose much in the last mission in Mount Ku Luo. How could they sacrifice so much for an inexplicable task this time?"

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly, turned around and looked at that person who was chatting with his companion.

"To me, Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps casualties this time are too large, it is possible that they will directly dropped their t.i.tle as the top mercenary corps of Black City."

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