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Shen Yanxiao seemed surprised for a moment, then she looked confusedly at Ouyang Huanyu before she said, "I did not use any special potion ah. What could be the problem?"


Shen Yanxiao's voice had yet to land when Fang Qiu jumped out.


"You don’t need to pretend! You little kid, at your young age you already have such a vicious heart. You actually wanted to kill the two of them! You actually didn’t quickly hand over the antidote!" Fang Qiu furiously scolded.


Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes. She looked very puzzled as she opened her mouth, "Vicious? What does the mentor mean? Yesterday, the two seniors and I competed in the presence of everyone. I didn't do anything to violate the rules; everything I did was according to the rules."


"As for the antidote, I never said I will not give it, but at that time, I simply forgot to hand it to you. And before I could remember, you and Master Pu Lusi took the two seniors away together, so even if I would have liked to give it, it was already too late," Shen Yanxiao said with an expression on her face saying "I am very honest."


Fang Qiu had been stifled by Shen Yanxiao in one breath. Indeed, yesterday, it was Pu Lisi who instructed them to go, and it was also Pu Lisi’s idea to not get the antidote. From beginning to end, it seemed that Shen Yanxiao had nothing to do with all of this. Everything was the result of Pu Lisi’s conceit.


However, could Fang Qiu dare to question Pu Lisi?


"All right! Look at the time, and you are still entangled in this. Shen Jue, give the antidote to Fang Qiu. Fang Qiu, quickly take the antidote and save people." Ouyang Huanyu tried to reconcile the atmosphere.


Fang Qiu gritted his teeth and no longer spoke.


Shen Yanxiao did not hesitate as she immediately handed two bottles of antidote over to Fang Qiu.


Looking at how cooperative Shen Yanxiao was, the three animals standing behind her were in deep thoughts —something was fishy!


Would Shen Yanxiao really be so kind as to obediently give the antidote to them?


Don't joke around!


The three men stood still and continued on watching the play.


After Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had drunk the antidotes, nothing unusual happened. Ye Qing and the Head of the Priest Branch immediately examined the two people and discovered that the impact on their tendons had significantly weakened.


"The antidote is real." Ye Qing smiled.


Fang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief.


The three animals, however, were confused. When did their little girl become so good?


"How is Luo Fan?" Fang Qiu hurriedly asked.


Ye Qing replied, "The situation has certainly stabilized. You don't have to worry about him losing his life anymore. Just... I'm afraid he can't be a Pharmacist again."


"What?" Fang Qiu froze.


"Luo Fan’s and Shangguan Xiao’s tendons suffered serious injuries. Although they have drunk the antidote, it is only to ensure that they will no longer continue to deteriorate. But it has no effect on the previous injuries." Ye Qing sighed helplessly. He had ignored the world’s affair for many years. Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan, in his opinion, were both talented younger generations, but unfortunately, both of them could no longer become a Pharmacist in the future.


Although the Pharmacist wasn’t like other professions which had requirements of having dou qi and magic, the sharp five senses and the tyrannical mental strength were keys in the concoction process of potions. Now that the tendons of the two had been destroyed, and their mental strength had also been consumed, their lives had no hopes of recovery.


Fang Qiu gazed towards Luo Fan who was lying on bed. Ye Qing’s words were like a bolt from the blue, detaching his soul from his body.


The dignified super genius Pharmacist could actually no longer touch potions again from now on?

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