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In the jungle, a group of lower demons were lying motionless on the ground. They felt the powerful oppressive aura that was spreading around them was from a higher demon, so they waited motionless for a long time. Although their mind was just like that of a beast, they still perceived that something was strange.


Why had their powerful kindred been staying on the branch of that tall tree for so long? The human in his arms looked very delicious. The lower demons had no shred of resistance in the presence of the higher demons, and they could only kneel down before them. So for this powerful kindred, they all held respect in their hearts.


It's just that...


Why had he still not finished eating that small human being yet?


The lower demons finally raised their heads to look, but because of their almost non-existent IQ, everything in their sight made them stunned.


Their superior from the same kind and the "food" had been surprisingly chatting for almost a day!


What was with this situation?


Their stupid brains were not enough to a.n.a.lyze the immediate situation. They were just very curious why he kept a delicious food instead of eating it and staring at it there.


If this group of lower demons could understand the conversation between Shen Yanxiao and Futu, it was feared that they wouldn’t have been so curious.


It was a pity that throughout the jungle, apart from those who didn’t understand them, there were only two other guys who had been conducting a very dreadful conversation.


No one knew what Shen Yanxiao and Futu had discussed in the end. The only thing that could be verified was that eventually Futu didn't seize the fine food, tear it into pieces, and swallow it up. Instead, he released Shen Yanxiao and drove away the group of lower demons. Then he flew from a leap and continued hiding in the jungle.


And Shen Yanxiao, at this moment, had a treacherous smile on her face. She was somewhat disappointed to watch the departing figure of the known and powerful higher demon.


"Did you guess long ago that I would get out of this?" After Futu had left, Shen Yanxiao bluntly despised a certain uncle who actually insisted on letting her stay rooted in place and just observed things since the beginning.


Xiu was noncommittal and didn’t answer Shen Yanxiao’s question.


If Shen Yanxiao could see the real ent.i.ty of Xiu, she wouldn't hesitate to pinch this big uncle's neck and ask him why he was so irresponsible.


She had the whole confrontation with Futu in her grasp; otherwise, if she had lost her attention for even the slightest bit, the demon well-known for his appet.i.te would have already wrung her neck. Xiu thought rather too highly of her; he unexpectedly felt a.s.sured in letting her negotiate with the demon.


Although the result was perfect, the process was slightly scary.


"You're actually really not worried that he will eat me," Shen Yanxiao humphed.


Xiu had stayed silent for a moment before his slightly lonely voice with absolute confidence unhurriedly said, "He will not eat you. Because if he dares, I will wring all the bones in his body."


Shen Yanxiao stuck out her tongue before she smiled and said, "I know. If I die, you also die. We are the most solid allies."


"Um." Xiu rarely responded to a sentence.


"But although I have already talked to that greedy ghost Futu about our cooperation, I still have to wait until I win the game half a year later." Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. Although it was said to be six months later, with the pa.s.sage of time, she was afraid that at most there were only four to five months left.


“Wait until you get the Inflammation Gra.s.s this time, then you need to find the Skeleton Flower as soon as possible. As long as the three plants are put together, I will do everything possible to help you unlock the next layer of the seal, so you will be more confident in the compet.i.tion.” When it came to the compet.i.tion six months later, it was hard for Xiu to say few more words.



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