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A man dressed in black clothing, who was standing beside the main leader of this whole mission, watched the well-trained Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members as he said to their own leader, "I did not expect that in such a small town in Long Xuan Empire, there actually will be such a good quality mercenary corps. "

Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps's existence was like a crane in a flock of chickens - especially outstanding.

The main leader looked at Du Lang chatting with the six wolves, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Du Lang is a remarkable person, staying in a small place such as Black City is truly a pity."

"Well, it is better to take him then..."

"No," the black-clothed man hadn’t finished his speech yet when the leader rejected him already.

"Although Du Lang's ability is good, his dou qi’s strength is not outstanding. With his long-standing ident.i.ty as a mercenary, he surely will not be in the position of an ordinary mercenary corps. However, in terms of his dou qi, he cannot become even a small captain in our regiment." Although his temper and mind were good, his strength was still a little worse. Although such a person was considered as a talented person, he still wasn’t qualified.

If someone heard the conversation between the two of them, it was feared that person would directly be stunned in place. Du Lang’s Senior Swordsman's strength, in the mouth of this main leader was actually "not outstanding!" And it couldn’t become a small captain even. Just how terrifying was this team!?

The black-clothed man thought for a bit before he stopped mentioning the previous topic again. However, he noticed Shen Yanxiao who was sitting next to Du Lang.

"Du Lang is a smart man, but he was also bold. He actually brought an imp over with him. Even if we have a large number of people, but to bring such a useless brat to partic.i.p.ate in the task, it’s simply a joke." There was suddenly a small radish head mixed among a group of vigorous mercenaries, it made people feel awkward.

The main leader also saw Shen Yanxiao’s existence. In fact, as early as when they were still in Black City, he already noticed this little guy who was out of tune with the surroundings. He was very curious, why would Du Lang bring such a little brat into this mission with his shrewdness.

"Don’t worry about him. When the moment comes, only a few people could really provide a.s.sistance. He could then just go with the rest." The main leader had no interest in putting his mind on such a little brat.

The black-clothed man pressed his lips together and looked up at the dark sky. He then turned to look at the main leader before he wondered, "Captain, do you think we can take the Phoenix this time? Although the number of mercenaries this time is large, but most of them are groups of trash. The only reliable one is the people from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. But aside from the seven wolves, the others cannot cause too much damage to the Phoenix.”

The black-clothed man's words were obviously different from the information about this task that was previously given out. Although the rank eight magical beast was powerful, mid-level professions could still deal some damage to it, but his remarks just now had ruled out those who were below the high-level professions.

The main leader slightly frowned.

"Rank twelve Phoenix, with the strength of this group of people, they aren’t its opponent. But our goal is not the Phoenix itself, they are just to divert the attention of the Phoenix, so we have the opportunity to enter Phoenix's nest."

These facts had proven that Shen Yanxiao’s speculations before were all correct. What they were going to face this time wasn’t a rank eight high level magical beast, but a rank twelve Mythological Beast! Facing a Mythological Beast, only high-level professions could inflict a little bit of damage to it. And those not high-level professions wouldn’t be able to damage even the Phoenix’s feather.

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