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Chapter 355 - Mount Ku Luo (3)

Du Lang was clear that the road ahead was likely to be full of danger, but he didn’t intend to flee.

Such a person, was what a real mercenary ought to be!

Once the task was taken, regardless of life and death, they were bound to do their best to complete the task, even if they had to pay a great price for it.

Du Lang's declaration made Shen Yanxiao to sigh unceasingly. She glanced at Vicious Wolf who was sitting in the carriage and found that he didn’t have any hint of scruples even after hearing her conversation with Du Lang. In the face of Du Lang’s insistence, Vicious Wolf was very calm, as if all this was to be expected as a matter of course.

Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but sigh again. Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was indeed the top mercenary corps in Black City. Their head was a cautious leader, while his members inherited his faith, they would face any hards.h.i.+ps and stubbornly defend the glory of the mercenary.

For a moment, Shen Yanxiao was moved by Du Lang’s heroic decision. She sincerely admired this mighty mercenary head.

The number of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps might not be much, and they might not be the best among all the mercenary corps in Long Xuan Empire, but they had the faith that many mercenaries had abandoned. This illusory thing, in many cases had supported a person to become someone with a strong existence.

"It’s only Mount Ku Luo, it’s only a demon. Although it is dangerous, we have a lot of people this time. There are also many Senior Professions. And I think the strength of the 13 employers is definitely not low, even if the demons have the idea to make a move on us, they first need to weigh their own strength." Du Lang snorted. They had a team of more than 1000 people, as long as they didn’t end up alone, even demons wouldn’t dare to strike at them easily.

"The reason why the previous mercenary corps ended up so tragically, aside from encountering demons and magical beasts, it was also because of their own ignorance of Mount Ku Luo. But now we know in advance the situation in Mount Ku Luo, so even if we got no choice but to go, at least we will not be unprepared." Du Lang said decisively. Since they already knew the situation they were going to face, he would naturally command his men to do more preparations.

Du Lang immediately called a mercenary riding a horse outside. He instructed a few words in his ear then let him pa.s.s the message to each brothers in their carriages. Until everything was commanded, Du Lang’s expression also eased a lot.

He believed that his brothers would never lose against those stupid demons.

Immediately afterwards, Du Lang asked Shen Yanxiao some things about the Phoenix again.

It might be because of the quality of Du Lang’s sigh, Shen Yanxiao this time had rarely spat some important things out. Du Lang was greatly astonished as he listened. As Shen Yanxiao uttered more and more habits of the Phoenix, Du Lang’s eyes became more and more deep as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

This Huo Xiao was absolutely not simple! Inviting him this time was really the right choice!

The two of them continued to talk and didn’t notice that Vicious Wolf, who had been sitting on the side without saying anything, had his eyes widened like a bra.s.s bell after hearing a series of information from Shen Yanxiao.

This brat...

How come he knew so much about the Phoenix?

And watching the conversation between Shen Yanxiao and Du Lang, Vicious Wolf didn’t feel the other side was a thirteen-years-old brat. That calmness, that wisdom, where were the traces of childishness!?

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