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Chapter 349 - The Seven Wolves (3)

"Heck! This kid better not be an illegitimate son of Du Lang!" The head of one mercenary group wiped his face with his palm. He really couldn’t accept the fact that was in front of his eyes, the rumored cold and unyielding Du Lang had actually ran to greet a small fart brat with a smile? The sky wouldn’t be turning red soon, right?


This brutal wolf suddenly became a warm and kind gentleman, this was simply too scary.

Not even mentioning those other mercenary corps’ leaders, even the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members had no way to accept this abrupt change of their own leader.

The six wolves was directly stunned in place by this, they looked extremely dumbfounded.

"The temporary member that the leader mentioned before will not be that kid, right? Mild Wolf, tell me this is not true. I must have been dazzled, that fellow is definitely not our leader!" Vicious Wolf’s mouth was twitching while staring at Du Lang’s back, his whole body became as stiff as a bamboo.

Mild Wolf's expression wasn’t any better than his. For a long time, he couldn’t find his voice because of his own shock.

"Cough, could it be he’s just a kid from the leader’s friend's home? Just pa.s.sing by?" Gray Wolf tried to find an excuse to ease the current atmosphere.

"Well, I think that is possible." Wild Wolf followed suit. It was hard for them to imagine that the external aid their leader had mentioned would be a thirteen-years-old little brat.

Even if it wasn’t a peerless master, at least it must be an adult!

So, how could it be this little demon?

It was absolutely impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Never! Truly! Not! Possible! Okay!?

While the six wolves were feeling completely distressed, Du Lang had already led Shen Yanxiao to where the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members were.

At this moment, everyone’s jaw dropped to the ground, and the six wolves were directly stoned in place.


Du Lang seemed completely unaware of the twisted reactions of his own men. After he guided Shen Yanxiao to the crowd, he said to her, "The mercenaries here are all members of our mercenary corps. Although we are not the largest in number, our strength is definitely the top in Black City, so you do not have to worry about your safety. "

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members. Compared with the members of other mercenary corps, these more than eighty men here do gave people a well-trained feeling. Moreover, in each of their bodies, Shen Yanxiao could smell a faint scent of blood.


This kind of air was acc.u.mulated from the many years of killing and capturing magical beasts.

She had to say that Du Lang didn’t exaggerate, this group of mercenaries was indeed more powerful than the other mercenaries currently gathered in the plaza..


This group of mercenaries with hundredfold of vitality, at this moment had a somewhat weird expressions on their faces.

Each of their mouths was twitching while staring at her very intensely.

Du Lang's words were to convince Shen Yanxiao that their mercenary corps were strong, but at the same time, his words also let the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members feel depressed.

This kid was really the temporary member that Du Lang had mentioned, ah?

Du Lang beckoned Vicious Wolf who was standing silly at the side to come over; while pointing to Shen Yanxiao, he said to him, "In the course of this mission, you will be responsible for protecting his life and safety, must not let him suffer any shred of damage"

Vicious Wolf hadn’t recovered from his previous shock yet. Upon hearing the task that Du Lang a.s.signed to him, his strong and handsome face turned into a bitter melon face in an instant. He had an aggrieved expression looking at their own leader. He almost couldn’t believe that their leader had really a.s.signed a Senior Knight such as himself to become a nanny of such a little fart brat!

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