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Chapter 34 Frenzied Part 1

If she wanted to satisfy Xiu’s appet.i.te, it wouldn’t do to just ‘eat gra.s.s that was at the edge’. After that last event with the Vermillion Bird Clan, it had been guarded much closer. Although the power of the people that were guarding was only akin to a piece of fleeting cloud in the eyes of Shen Yanxiao, she knew that if she was to make her move this time around, it was very likely, if not guaranteed, that Shen Feng would pull some drastic things. After all, the sage would arrive very soon, and everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan couldn’t afford to show any mistakes.

However, apart from the Vermillion Bird Clan, what other places were there that could let her obtain a huge amount of wealth rapidly?

In nearly a split second, an exquisite idea flashed through Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

If one viewed it broadly, besides the other 4  big clans, were there anyone that could match the Vermillion Bird Clan throughout the entire Imperial Capital?

A sinister smile floated onto Shen Yanxiao’s face, which was gradually accompanied with an unrestrained, demonic smile. With the Azure Dragon Clan being the head of the other clan, it would be the same for the Vermillion Bird Clan; it would be  the cusp of welcoming a miserable fate.

… …

Regarding the 5 big clans in the Imperial Capital, it was an unstable period of time. Following after the Vermillion Bird Clan’s suffering from the evil scheme, the Azure Dragon Clan, the White Tiger Clan, and the Black Tortoise Clan all suffered from a ‘visit’ from a conscienceless little thief, all in succession. Except for the Qilin clan, who had escaped by sheer luck.

In order to prevent the loss of the clan’s face and honor,  the 3 big clans remained matter tight-lipped like the Vermillion Bird Clan about the stealing matter. Apart from the members of the clan that knew that their own clan had been robbed, fundamentally no outsider knew about it.

Just like this, it caused the 5 big clans to be mutually unaware that  the other clans had been robbed, and they could only regard it as  personal misfortune that had struck their clans. The clans couldn’t deal with having this scandal propagating outside, or with the word reaching the ears of the other clans. So the 4 big clans could only eat their loss and yield by not having the others know of it. On the surface, it couldn’t be seen that there was the slightest bit of restlessness, but in the dark, the clans had reinforced their manpower and were secretly advancing the tracking down of the whereabouts of the lost goods.

Of course, their investigations eventually all lead them to one of the five big clans, the Qilin Clan’s Auction House.

If the 4 clans that had suffered from heavy losses were able to calm down, sit down together, and discuss, they would’ve discovered that the stealing event that had occurred to the clans, had an astonis.h.i.+ng point of resemblance.

Out of all of the goods that they’d lost, all of them had some worth that was considerable, be it golden tools, or precious stones. Although these goods were expensive, it wouldn’t cause any kind of damage to any of the clans. Actually, amongst every clan that had collected rare treasures, as of now, all of these rare treasures were still safely placed in their storeroom without having moved a tiny bit.

However, after this one event, every clan was like a bird that had been startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow, and every clan’s storeroom simultaneously had its surveillance increased by three times.

Who knew whether or not this little thief had only come previously in order to inspect and did not have any preparations. The next time the little thief came, it would not only be that softhearted anymore. Any of the goods that were in their storerooms were priceless, and losing one of them was already enough to cause them to vomit 3 litres of blood!

One day after another, the 4 big clans went through it while being anxious and frightened, as it seemed as if that conscienceless thief had faded away, and no longer appeared within their line of sight.

Actually, during this period of time, Qi Meng from the Qilin Auction House had taken over batch after batch of luxury goods that had been sent by Shen Yanxiao.

After seeing the gold, silver, and precious stones that were piling up like a mountain, Qi Meng sincerely had the urge to weep, for within this period of time, the gold, silver, and precious stones that were sent by this customer had already nearly matched the quant.i.ty of the luxury goods of the Qilin Clan. Towards this batch of luxury goods that were being delivered wave upon wave, Qi Meng truly wanted to take the hand of customer and beg him whether or not he could change to a different kind of goods that could be sent. With this huge amount being sold , the people within the imperial capital would all believe that the Qilin Auction House had wanted to change to selling luxury goods.

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