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Chapter 341 - Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps' Invitation (1)

Over there, Du Lang was still discussing the content of the task with his men. Soon, Du Lang discovered that Shen Yanxiao, who should have left already, was standing at the side at this moment while thoughtfully looking at them.

Du Lang was slightly surprised for a second. He immediately understood that the things he and his men was discussing about had been heard by this guest.

Du Lang thought of his own speculation before, and he was a bit hesitant.

"This guest, you seem very interested in the Phoenix?" Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao thoughtfully and asked to feel her out.

But in the moment Du Lang opened his mouth, the young man at the side was shocked that his jaw dropped on the ground.

Guest... guest? ! !

Could it be that the person who bought the mid level magical beast items was this little brat in his sight?

That was a full three thousand gold coins! This little demon didn’t seemed like a rich person from head to toe!

The young man secretly swallowed his saliva. Three thousand gold coins for the members of the mercenary corps were already considered an extremely wealthy amount.

Shen Yanxiao recovered from her daze and looked at Du Lang who suddenly questioned her, she did not react for a time.

Why would he suddenly ask her? Could it be that the mercenary task couldn’t be said to others? Was Du Lang afraid that if this task was disclose, it would attract more mercenaries? Was he afraid that with other mercenary corps, their remuneration would be divided?

In order to have less trouble, Shen Yanxiao gave out a rare explanation, "Don’t worry Head Du, I am not a mercenary, but I’m a bit curious about the Phoenix. After all, in the past few hundred years, there are not a single traces of the Phoenix that could be seen in the Radiance Continent. "

Du Lang laughed and said, "You are oversensitive, I just noticed from your appearance that you are very interested in the Phoenix, you can just ask me if you got some concerns. That employer released the task to a large group of mercenary corps, I have nothing to hide. " As a mercenary leader, Du Lang understood the concerns of Shen Yanxiao.

Seeing that Du Lang didn’t seem to mind if she asked a bit, Shen Yanxiao didn’t also stay polite anymore, after all, she was still considered a Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ guest and asking a few words were just nothing.

"Don’t know if your goal this time is a Feng, or Huang?" According to Xiu, the Phoenix’s gender of this world was the same as the one in her memory, Feng was male and Huang was female.

A Huang was born with a rank eight level, while the Feng’s level was one rank higher, which was rank nine.

However, Shen Yanxiao didn’t expect that as soon as she asked the question, Du Lang would immediately froze.

The young man at the side asked feeling somewhat strange, "Didn’t we say it's a Phoenix... Feng? Huang? What is the difference between these two words?" [1]

The muttering of the young man obviously also represented the reaction of Du Lang at this moment.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly speechless. She didn’t think that the understanding of this world about the Phoenix was actually lacking to this point. They couldn’t even distinguished the difference between the two.

Du Lang seemed to think of something, after the young man was done speaking, he immediately asked, "I don’t have any idea about the Feng and Huang that you spoke of. If you are willing to enlighten me, then I, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corp's Leader promise that if you have a task for us in the future, we will give you a 10% discount. " In the whole world, there were too little records about the Phoenix, and those few words couldn’t form a vivid image in people's minds.

Before, Du Lang felt that this guest was not as simple as it appeared on the surface, and when he asked such a question, Du Lang became aware of something by natural acuity.

[1] 凤凰 (Fenghuang): Or in other words phoenix. The word “phoenix” is composed of 凤 (Feng) and 凰 (huang). Originally, a male phoenix is called Feng, while a female phoenix is called Huang. But nowadays, they just use the word “phoenix” or Fenghuang.

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