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Chapter 339 - Deal (2)

The very moment that Du Lang handed over the items to Shen Yanxiao, he couldn’t help but secretly scrutinized this "young guest." Du Lang had already seen a lot of unbelievable events in many years that he had been in Black City. And he could vaguely see from the bones structure of Shen Yanxiao’s face that her current look wasn’t her real appearance.

In Black City, a face-changing mask was a very common thing. But the craftsmans.h.i.+p of the face-changing mask that this guest was wearing was obviously more exquisite than the most advanced masks that were sold in Black City. Had it not been due to Du Lang's above average understanding of people’s bones structures, it would have been difficult for him to notice that Shen Yanxiao was actually wearing a mask.

As far as Du Lang knew, the things that needed the use of the items from a magical beast’s body weren’t that simple. They were used in many advanced potions, and it could also be used in a lot of magic array. Although the kid before his eyes seemed very inconspicuous, he was actually a big shot, completely unlike what he seemed to be on the surface.

Moreover, Du Lang’s reputation in Black City was very great. Once the Black City’s people heard his name, more or less there would be some reaction.

But just now, he observed Shen Yanxiao’s reaction and she was very calm. She seemed unmoved by his name.

Her words were very concise, there was almost no tension and not even a half superfluous words. She appeared capable and experienced, simply not like any ordinary child.

In the rumor’s world, there said to be a secret method which could change a person's appearance completely. And even a seven-foot tall man could be shrunk into a small child. Du Lang involuntarily linked Shen Yanxiao to that rumored secret method.

Also, according to the rumors, anyone who could practice that kind of secret method had an unfathomable strength. Du Lang looked once again at Shen Yanxiao.

In fact, it wasn’t strange that Du Lang would have such speculation. A seemingly poor little kid without any remarkable aspect had suddenly went to the Mercenary Trade Union and spent big bucks to purchase some mid level magical beasts’ items, which in itself was a very strange thing. Also, Shen Yanxiao's words and actions didn’t have an innocence and immaturity that a child should have, which made Du Lang to come up with such a.s.sociation.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t care at all about Du Lang’s secret scrutinizing gaze. After the matter was done, she was now more concerned about when it was possible to undo the nine-arc magic array of the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse. Once she could freely access the storehouse and go inside and out, she could take at least more than half the medicinal herbs that were needed for the Blood Feast Potion. This would surely save her a lot of trouble.

The lounge was quiet, and Shen Yanxiao was already preparing to leave when a tall figure suddenly came in from the door.

A young man about twenty-five years old strode towards Du Lang inside the lounge.

"Leader, we just received a task." The young man said.

Du Lang looked at the young man and asked, "What task?"

The present young man was a member of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, and although he didn’t have an outstanding strength, he was an intelligent person. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members all knew that Du Lang had an important matter to deal with, if it were not for an important task, he would not have come find him.

The young man looked at Shen Yanxiao and secretly muttered why would there be such a little brat in the Mercenary Trade Union's lounge. Didn’t the Leader said that someone wanted to buy the mid level magical beast’s items? Why didn't he see the guest?

The young man was puzzled for a moment, then he immediately said, "It is a task to kill a magical beast. But the objective of this task is very rare, it is a rank eight Phoenix."

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