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Chapter 337 - Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps (3)

After all, the items from a magical beast that could be acquired in such a short period of time were very limited. And with Shen Yanxiao’s requirements, the price would be several times more than the average.

Qi Xia told her that they needed items from a magical beast that died within seven days, so Shen Yanxiao would naturally follow what Qi Xia had said.

"Thank you but it’s alright, my request will not change. The price is not a problem, you just need to help me find the things that I want."

Shen Yanxiao's insistence made the mercenaries on the sides secretly speechless. In fact, the time of death of magical beast didn’t have a big impact on the items from its body. At best, it would only weaken some of the effects, but since the price was cheaper, they didn’t bother knowing how much the reduce on the effects.

"This kid is so stubborn. He could at least spend less money." A mercenary could not help but scowled.

Those mercenaries secretly sighed because of Shen Yanxiao’s stubbornness. But they didn’t know that the little kid in front them didn’t lack money the most.

The woman carefully looked at her again then said, "Alright, for the things that you want, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps have what you need. They have the eyes of the rank five magical beast Snow Tiger, the scale from a Broken Earth-Armor of a rank five magical beast and the horn of the rank five magical beast Maple Horse. These three kinds of things are in line with your request, but the price given by the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps is three thousand gold coins, if you are sure you need them, I will help you contact the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps."

"Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps!" A Mercenary standing at the side was shocked after he heard the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ name.

Throughout the entire Black City, there were at least hundreds large and small mercenary corps. The mid-sized mercenary corps were also more than ten in number. But talking about which mercenary corps had the largest reputation, it was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps only had eighty members. Although the number of their members wasn’t the most among the mid-sized mercenary corps, it was the most powerful corps in the Black City. Its mercenary level was very high, according to the rumors, more than half of the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had reached the middle level of their respective profession, and at least seven members had reached the higher level of their profession. It was difficult to find such a high number of strong mercenaries in another mercenary corps.

Even among the mid-sized mercenary corps, most of them only have one or two Senior level of their profession, but there were as many as seven people in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

Those tasks that a lot of mercenary corps didn’t dare to take, they would dare to challenge.

In the entire Black City, Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps's strength was second to none, and their remunation from each mission was also much higher than the other mercenary corps.

If Shen Yanxiao really wanted to find who could meet her needs in the entire Black City, then there was only one corps, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t recognize the name of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. She did not feel anything about the surprised voices of the mercenaries around. As long as she knew that she could get the things that she wanted was enough for her. She immediately took out the purple golden card from her ring then handed it over to the woman.

"Money, you can just withdraw it directly from this." Shen Yanxiao handed the purple golden card to the woman.

"c.r.a.p! Purple golden card! What the h.e.l.l is with this kid!?" The mercenaries’ jaws directly dropped to the ground when they saw the purple golden card. For a person to get a purple golden card, at least tens of millions of gold coins should be deposited!

This group of mercenaries exhausted their lives for a year to earn more than ten thousand gold coins. But compared with 10 million gold coins, their earnings couldn’t even fill the gap between their teeths.

They were just muttering a moment ago that this kid didn’t know how to save money. Who knew that hundreds of gold coins were simply a drop in the ocean for this kind or wealthy person!

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