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Chapter 332 - Mercenary Trade Union (1)

The mentor looked at the herb in Shen Yanxiao’s hands, he nodded slightly and said, "A White Marsh Herb? It’s really a precious medicinal herb."

The mentor was originally worried that the little guy had just casually took a medicinal herb out. He didn’t expect that he picked out something good. He felt relieved.

The reason why he was so attentive was simply because the little guy in front of him was the super genius who had defeated Shangguan Xiao.

For the Pharmaceutical Branch’s potential, they, the pharmacist mentors, should carefully nurture him. And fortunately one day, the little guy in front of them would be able to compete for the sake of Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. It seemed that the Pharmaceutical Branch’s mentors really didn’t notice the difference between the Demon Spirit plant and the White Marsh Herb.

She actually couldn’t blame them. If it wasn’t for Xiu, Shen Yanxiao would only be a little curious about the difference between the two, and wouldn’t think of it as other medicinal herbs.

After all, the Demon Clan had left the people’s sight for over thousands of years. In the history’s long run, a lot of things about the Demon Clan had already been forgotten as time pa.s.sed.

Not to mention just a small plant.

So Shen Yanxiao determined that no one would recognize the Demon Spirit plant, and she was happy to put it inside her ring even. The guards, who were quietly watching, closed the Pharmaceutical Storehouse’s door.

However, when the door was closed, Shen Yanxiao noticed that the guards drew something different on the door this time. It was quite different from when the door was opened. She carefully noted it down, so she could discuss it with Qi Xia when she went back.

With the Demon Spirit plant in hand, Shen Yanxiao quickly left the storehouse.

In the afternoon, Qi Xia and the rest were also idle. They went early to the meeting room in the back of the casino.

Shen Yanxiao changed her clothes and also slipped into the casino.

The underground casino was operating only one business under the Qilin Clan’s members’ hands. Every day, a large number of gold coins, crystallic nucleus, medicinal herbs, magic nucleus, and a series of other strange things flow into their storage.

Because there was no restriction on the gambling stakes, the number of people coming there was also increasing, and the wealth acc.u.mulated every day was astonis.h.i.+ng.

According to Qi Xia’s instructions, from a pa.s.sage, Shen Yanxiao directly moved towards the back hall where the five of them could rest.

The casino’s back hall was two hundred square meters wide. Qi Xia made this whole area as "Phantom" resting zone. The entire back hall was divided into three regions.

One was the kitchen, one was the meeting room, and another one was the lounge.

Qi Xia was the one who had originally proposed this plan of dividing the hall into three places, and Shen Yanxiao still felt a little strange about it. These young masters whose ten fingers had never touched the spring water, what exactly did they want to do with a kitchen.

In the end, she became aware of the fact that Yan Yu, this beautiful young man, aside from being a priest with high accomplishments, he also had an amazing talent in cooking.

Shen Yanxiao arrived at the back hall afterwards. Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi, and Yang Xi, these three people, were chatting and sitting on the soft couch inside the lounge. She immediately smell a delicious scent upon entering the lounge.

"Ah Yu is cooking?" Shen Yanxiao sniffed the smell. She didn’t wait for the three men to respond and just directly went to the location of the kitchen.

Yan Yu’s slender figure was standing in front of the kitchen stove, and he looked busy.

"What are you cooking?" Shen Yanxiao slipped beside Yan Yu, staring at the foods inside the pot.

"You arrived? You go ahead and wait, you can eat later." Yan Yu’s pale face was plastered with a gentle smile. One of his hands was holding a spatula, and it actually didn’t look strange, instead it gave people an exceptionally warm picture.

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