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Chapter 316 - Deep Magic Potion (3)

Moreover, Shangguan Xiao now had Pu Lisi as his master, so his future prospects were just around the corner!

All the mentors were sighing in admiration for Shangguan Xiao’s talent while looking at the bottle of Deep Magic Potion.

After learning that Shangguan Xiao had actually concocted a Deep Magic Potion, the surrounding students also exclaimed in admiration.

With the level of this potion, they didn’t dare to think of making it. They never expected that Shangguan Xiao was actually capable of concocting it!

Pu Lisi looked at Shangguan Xiao with satisfaction. Although there wasn’t a smile on his face, his eyes were quite proud.

Shangguan Xiao’s pharmaceutical talent was good, otherwise he wouldn’t have let him be his own a.s.sistant. Pu Lisi was very confident that under his own tutelage, Shangguan Xiao would be able to rush up to the Advanced Pharmacist level within 10 years. Shangguan Xiao was only eighteen years old right now, and after ten years he would be twenty-eight years old. The time they spent to break through was exactly the same, so he would naturally become the man of the Long Xuan Empire.

If Shangguan Xiao relied on himself alone to break through to Advanced Pharmacist level, even fifteen or twenty years was impossible.

With his help, Shangguan Xiao would naturally take a lot less detours.

This was the role of Master Pharmacist!

Pu Lisi sneered in his heart. That brat acted recklessly and also dared to refuse him. If it weren’t for Ye Qing suddenly accepting him, he was afraid that he would soon know how foolish it was to refuse the invitation of a Master Pharmacist.

After seeing the Deep Magic Potion, the mentors had already made their decision, they had set Shangguan Xiao as first place for the compet.i.tion. They didn’t believe that in this compet.i.tion, there would be someone who could take out a more powerful potion than the Deep Magic Potion.

So, they checked the next few bottles of potions very casually.

Those potion simply couldn’t compete with the Deep Magic Potion.

Soon, a mentor who just finished examining the nine bottles of potion now stood in front of Shen Yanxiao, staring at the bottle of purple potion.

The mentor glanced at the potion on the table, then looked at the standing Shen Yanxiao.

They had heard about Tang Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao’s bet, and they simply couldn’t understand what nerves did Tang Nazhi have to actually bet on this kid.

This kid was a mere freshman student. What was being learned by the freshmen right now? They were very clear that he had never touched an intermediate level potion yet.

That mentor, apparently didn’t have much to say about Shen Yanxiao’s potion. A few other mentors casually took a glance at it, ready to see what low level potion it was, and then just give some evaluation.

However, what made them depressed was that unexpectedly, no one among them eight mentors, who were encircled in the same place to study the potion, knew what this bottle of potion was.

Although the mentors had seen Shen Yanxiao’s whole concoction process, they were still somewhat uncertain. Supposedly, this should be a failed potion. However, the smell emitted by this bottle of potion was extremely elegant. It wasn’t like the flavor of a failed product.

And from the color of the potion, it also didn’t seem like a failure.

The potion was so pure and clear that it was impossible for any mentor to link it to a failed product.

But if it wasn’t a failure, why did so many of them have no way of judging its origins?

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