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Chapter 311 - Strange Potion (1)

Tang Nazhi had seen Qi Xia in a compet.i.tion before. The mentor didn’t even have the chance to close his mouth after announcing the start of the compet.i.tion because it ended in less than three seconds.

His s.e.xy thin lips had slightly opened while his slender fingers had gently waved his wand forward.

The unfortunate guy who stood across him didn’t even have the chance to utter a word when he was blown to the wall by a huge fire.

Evil demon, too evil!

Every time he partic.i.p.ated in a compet.i.tion, he would just simply abuse the self-esteem of other students.

"Yang Xi and Yan Yu should be arriving here any minute. Maybe they could still catch up before the compet.i.tion ends,” Qi Xia said. His hand was still resting at Tang Nazhi’s shoulder while the other one was fanning him with his white jade-boned fan.

The compet.i.tions of the Priest Branch and the Knight Branch weren’t as fleeting as the Magician Branch’s. It still took some time to see the gap between the weak and the strong.

While these two men were talking, Shen Yanxiao had already stopped moving her hands and at the same time, the bell rang announcing the end of ten minutes.

To finish one second before the time wasn’t so bad; it just meant that the time allotted was exactly the time needed.

The students who had been waiting for Shen Yanxiao’s tragic end couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

However, more than anything else, what they were looking forward to was the embarra.s.sing thing that this naive freshman student would do when he started concocting his potion.

All the students who still remained in the compet.i.tion would be concocting in that same place, so they didn’t really need to move away, but just needed to stop their actions to show that they were finished.

This also meant that Shen Yanxiao could continue hiding in that wretched place to avoid all eyes.

However, Pu Lisi couldn’t take it anymore, so he finally used the prestige of his t.i.tle as a Master Pharmacist and called a mentor to move the banner aside.

As a result, the medicine refining table where Shen Yanxiao was located appeared in the sight of the people.

The table was clean and tidy and her medicine refining wares didn’t even have a speck of dust. If they hadn’t seen Shen Yanxiao busily refinig her medicinal herbs a moment ago, they would think that she didn’t even use anything in there.

There was a huge difference between how they imagined her place would look from how it really was.

On that clean and tidy table, there were dozens of refined medicinal ingredients. The pile of tiny powder was neatly discharged at a side. And a bottle that contained the medicinal herb fluid was sparkling attractively as the sun gleamed on it.

There were at least more than forty different kinds of medicinal ingredients placed atop Shen Yanxiao’s table!

"How is this possible!" After seeing the medicinal ingredients on Shen Yanxiao’s table, Pu Lisi couldn’t help but reveal a trace of surprise.

This meant she had more than forty different kinds of medicinal herbs?

Was she trying to make a high level potion?

Stop joking around!

Pu Lisi’s both hands were clenched into fists. Using more than forty different kinds of medicinal herbs meant that she was going to concoct a high level potion!

Thirty nine medicinal herbs was the maximum number of herbs that could be used for making an intermediate potion!

Pu Lisi took a deep breath and worked hard to suppress the shock in his heart.

His face was very ugly at this moment.

Impossible, even if this kid was gifted, it was absolutely impossible to concoct a high level potion at such a young age. If he could really concoct a high level potion at the age of thirteen, then he wasn’t a human but a full monster.

Even Ye Qing had only been able to concoct his first high level potion at the age of twenty years old.

While Pu Lisi had finally managed to concoct a high level potion when he was 28 years old.

Although there was only a one level gap between an intermediate level potion and a high level potion, the disparity between the two was like a chasm that could never be crossed.

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