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Chapter 299 - Compet.i.tion (1)

 The next morning was the Pharmaceutical Branch’s monthly compet.i.tion.

But today, the students who had arrived at the scene of the match numbered far more than the past one’s.

The reason why they did not stay under their warm blankets and instead went to the Pharmaceutical Branch early in the morning, was because of the bet that had taken place at the registration area yesterday.

In just one night, the bet between Tang Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao had  spread to who knows where. Even those students who usually didn't like watching compet.i.tions had come out today.

They wanted to take another glance at the new freshman student who was holding Tang Nazhi's life in his own hand.

There were no freshmen who partic.i.p.ated in the pharmacist's compet.i.tion previously, so  the  Pharmaceutical Branch’s students had subconsciously taken the freshmen off the list of partic.i.p.ants.

Yet this month,  there was a little demon who unexpectedly dared to compete in the compet.i.tion.

Because of a freshman student named Shen Jue, the Black Tortoise Clan's young master Tang Nazhi had talked big and said that as long as they could beat Shen Jue in the compet.i.tion, he would send each of them 100,000 gold coins. And the craziest matter that everyone wanted to see was the battle between Shangguan Xiao and Shen Jue, who was betting Tang Nazhi’s departure from the Pharmaceutical Branch.


In all of the students’ eyes in the Pharmaceutical Branch, this was simply mind blowing.

Was it that Tang Nazhi had enough money to waste, or he had just lost his mind?

Where did he get the confidence to put such a bet on a new freshman?

This new freshman student had just enrolled in the academy less than six months ago, so the most she could learn  was concocting the most basic pharmaceutics’ potions, like low level potions. The juniors and seniors student, on the other hand, had already started to learn to concoct intermediate level potions.

How big was the gap?

In the previous monthly compet.i.tion, they had never seen any shadow of a freshman kid.

"Haha. I'm very curious how much money Tang Nazhi will have to pay today," said a junior student who was standing outside the compet.i.tion’s area and watching the partic.i.p.ating students come  to the compet.i.tion’s area.

"I estimate that he will have to pay a lot. Yesterday, when he said that, you don't know how many people were scrambling to sign up." Another student nastily laughed.

"Some people are willing to give their wealth away, why don't we just accept it? Just a little freshman brat, do you think he can manage to do anything incredible?”

"Freshmen kids should just be honest and stay in their own turf and don't wander around, it would at least save themselves from the embarra.s.sment ."

A group of freshmen students were walking to the spectator's area, and when they entered, they suddenly heard the junior and senior students’ ridicule which stunned them for a moment. Although their hearts were filled with anger, they still didn't dare to speak.

"Hey, is it really alright for us to come here?" asked a freshman student who was nervously pulling on the hem of the clothes of the student in front.

"There is no rule that says we can't come. Today, Shen Jue will partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, representing us freshmen students, we must cheer for him." The young man walking in front had turned around to appease the students’ emotion. He was not someone else; it was Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi's roommate - Lin Xuan.

"Can Shen Jue really do it? The partic.i.p.ants of this compet.i.tion are the junior and senior students, and Shangguan Xiao will also partic.i.p.ate. Why do I feel a little worried?" questioned a  mentally nervous student.


The freshman students in their group had come from different, so their robes varied in color.

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