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Chapter 274 - Wrong Order (3)

TL important note: Pharmacy Master will be Master Pharmacist

Changing the order to balance the ingredients’ properties, she'd been thinking of this method during her practices in the Pharmaceutical Branch. This method wasn't difficult, but one must reached the peak of understanding each kind of medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, she was afraid that not only the efficacy would be unbalanced, but the properties of several medicinal ingredients would also be obliterated.

After listening to Shen Yanxiao's explanation, an astonished expression was plastered on Lou De's whole face.

Changing the order to make the concoction process easier?

Such a crazy idea, she'd actually managed to do it?

First of all, nevermind finding a way to perfectly combine more than ten kinds of medicinal herbs to other ingredients, but to grasp the right quant.i.ty to use in different stages were enough to make the pharmacists to collapse.

Although this method could avoid the repulsion between the medicinal ingredients, to grasp the right quant.i.ty of medicinal ingredients and the understanding of their properties were extremely demanding.

Even Lou De, who was a Senior Pharmacist, would be hesitant to try this method.

After being a Pharmacist for so many years, Lou De had only seen a handful of Pharmacists who possessed such skills, and these Pharmacists were all Master level geniuses! Only after strenuously studying pharmaceutics for many years, one could had the certainty of changing the order of the medicinal ingredients. Otherwise, loses would only outweigh the gains.

How old was Shen Yanxiao? She was only thirteen years old, and she'd been in the Pharmaceutical Branch for only a few months. Even if she was highly gifted, it was wholly impossible for her to reach the level of a Master Pharmacist. Even if she'd started to study pharmaceutics since birth, there was absolutely no way to remember the characteristics of each medicinal ingredients among the tens of thousands of ingredients. 

Lou De could hardly believe what Shen Yanxiao had said. If what she said was true, then her understanding of the medicinal ingredients could definitely be the same as that of a pharmacist in the Master level.

How was this possible!?

Lou De's breathing became more and more rapid. To confirm the success of Shen Yanxiao in concocting the potion, he simply drank the potion directly.

When the students at the side saw Lou De drinking the bottle that contained an unknown potion, their hearts suddenly jumped in their throat.

Mentor Lou De was crazy! He actually drank a bottle of failed potion!

But soon afterwards, the students' faces strangely started to change .

Lou De stood ten paces away from them, yet they couldn't hear any shred of breath from Lou De. It was feared that if they closed their eyes, it was like Lou De didn’t exist in the room.

To be able to perfectly hide a breath, this was clearly the effect of the Breath Concealing Potion.

Lou De was dumbfounded. What he'd drank was a genuine bottle of Breath Concealing Potion!

Shen Yanxiao words were true! She really did achieved the standard effect by changing the order!

"What's going on? Don't tell me that he successfully made a bottle of Breath Concealing Potion?" A few students immediately discovered that something wasn't right, and that the reduction of Lou De's Breath was the result from drinking that potion.

"How is it possible? I clearly saw that he messed up the order of the medicinal ingredients!" The students’ eyes were filled with disbelief. They didn't want to believe that Shen Yanxiao had succeeded. However, the facts were in front of them, so they couldn't questioned it anymore.

At this moment, the pride of several arrogant students, had been crushed into powder by a single bottle of Breath Concealing Potion.

They couldn't figure out, how could a young freshman be able to concoct an intermediate level potion by only taking a glance at the process?

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