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Chapter 273 - Wrong Order (2)

Because she did the orders all wrong, Lou De didn’t have the heart to continue watching anymore.

But looking at Shen Yanxiao, who was fully occupied, he didn’t dare to interrupt her and could only let her continuously made mistakes.

Pretty soon, a bottle of light yellow potion appeared in front of everyone’s sight. Shen Yanxiao finally breathed out before she pa.s.sed the Breath Concealing Potion she made to Lou De whose face had turned unsightly. 

Lou De hesitantly took the Breath Concealing Potion in Shen Yanxiao’s hand while giving Shen Yanxiao a doubtful look. 

The Breath Concealing Potion that Shen Yanxiao made was emitting a bright light, it was completely like the potion he had concocted. But, he had witnessed how Shen Yanxiao did the process just a while ago, he wouldn’t believe that this was a perfect bottle of the Breath Concealing Potion.

Or maybe it just looked similar?

Lou De took a deep breath before he put the crystal bottle under his nose to smell it, and once he did, a lingering scent of herbs went to his nose, this familiar smell went directly to his brain.

"How could..." Lou De was staring intently at his hands which was holding the Breath Concealing Potion.

Regarding the smell of the Breath Concealing Potion, he was quite familiar with it and knew that this bottle of potion was indeed letting out a scent of a genuine Breath Concealing Potion. 

But how was this possible?

He clearly saw how Shen Yanxiao messed up all the orders which could produce a lot of subtle changes in the efficacy of the potion. Hence, it should be absolutely impossible for her to  create a genuine Breath Concealing Potion! 

But whether it was appearance or smell, this bottle of Breath Concealing Potion in his hands had the same appearance and scent as the one he had created!

And its purity was even higher than the one he had concocted.

The way Lou De looked at Shen Yanxiao became more complicated.

"Did you know that you made a serious mistake when you mixed those medicinal ingredients?" Lou De asked while his eyes were squinting.

Shen Yanxiao answered with a smile: "Mentor Lou De, is it that the order of placement of the medicinal ingredients had changed?"

"That’s right." Lou De nodded. He really couldn’t determine if this Breath Concealing Potion in his hand was a genuine finished product.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged: "In fact, the order on which I put the medicinal ingredients were not only to make the properties of these herbs more balanced. But, it was also to preserve their perfect medicinal effect. Mentor Lou De, although your order also saved efficacy, there are four kinds of herbs among the ingredients that have a strong repulsion with each other. So, unless you can 100% grasp their quant.i.ty, it would lead to a failure.”

Lou De hummed in acknowledgement. It was a well known fact that this Breath Concealing Potion consisted of ingredients which were highly incompatible. It was because of this fact that made it difficult to concoct this potion.

But what did this have to do with it?

Shen Yanxiao saw the reaction of Lou De, so she continued: "Although I could probably see the quant.i.ty of the medicinal herbs that mentor Lou De had used, this is my first time making this potion after all, so it was still uncertain. So, I changed the order of placement of the ingredients, separating the four herbs that have strong repulsion effect first, then mixing the effects of other medicinal herbs into each of the four. That way, it didn't only guaranteed the efficacy, but it also reduced the repulsion. So, when they are combined, the repulsion will not severely clash with each other, which make it a lot easier to concoct."

Shen Yanxiao knew that changing the order of the process would impact the others, but she never cared about this. She just wanted to achieve her goal. She didn't want to have her hands tied just because of other people's visions.

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