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Chapter 269 - Breath Concealing Potion (1)

Make a potion? Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded, even if her talent in pharmaceutics was high, in the end, she was still just a first-year student. Compared to her, Lou De was known as the venerable mentor of the Pharmaceutical Branch, and even if this ident.i.ty was to be ignored, just being a Senior Pharmacist was enough to make all the students wors.h.i.+p him.

A Senior Pharmacist was actually looking for her, a new student, to make a potion?

How would you not think of it as odd?

"May I know what potion is it?" Shen Yanxiao’s heart was full of doubts, but as a student she still remembered to maintain her behavior.

Lou De once again took a glimpse at those two students, and then unhurriedly said: "Breath Concealing Potion.”

"Breath Concealing Potion?” Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised. Contrary to one might expect, she had already heard of this potion. It was that kind of potion that could reduce the user’s breath for a short amount of time and hide the user’s dou qi and magic. This Breath Concealing Potion was actually a sort of special item for some special occupations when dealing with important matters.

An example was when mercenaries were hunting for high level demon beast and magical beast, they’ll use this potion to conceal their own breath for a period of time so that the demon beast and magical beast wouldn’t be able to find even a tiny bit of their own traces.  

If she remembered it correctly, the Breath Concealing Potion should be an intermediate level potion.

Was Lou De asking her to concoct an intermediate level potion?

She was obviously a new student who had enrolled just two months ago!

Lou De then nodded: "Yes, it’s Breath Concealing Potion. I have been teaching these students to concoct this potion for a month already. You can also try to concoct a bottle out. If you succeed, then we’ll at once discuss the rest of the matter, but in the event that you didn’t manage to concoct the potion, then you are free to go back."

Lou De's task not only made Shen Yanxiao surprised, even the two students were shocked enough that their jaw dropped on the floor.

Their mentor was crazy. Unexpectedly crazy enough that he’d asked a new first year student to concoct an intermediate level potion!

Heaven knows that this bottle of Breath Concealing Potion had killed a lot of their brain cells from racking their own brain in order to make it! Yet within the second year’s purple cla.s.s, among all the students that had concocted a bottle of Breath Concealing Potion, almost all had their efforts gone to waste as only one fifth of the cla.s.s had managed to do the objective!

The remaining four-fifth of the cla.s.s had almost lose their life from concocting the Breath Concealing Potion.

Now, Lou De had unexpectedly asked this freshman student to concoct the potion that had tormented everyone in the second year’s purple cla.s.s.

It wasn’t them who had gone crazy, it was Lou De who had gone mad.

Shen Yanxiao was somewhat hesitating. Up to now, she hadn’t had any difficulties in making low level potions, but she didn’t dare to underestimate the difficulty of intermediate level potions. She wasn’t certain if she could succeed.

But Lou De had obviously asked her to come here because there was something he wanted to discuss. Now that he put the task of making the Breath Concealing Potion before her, it was rather clear that LouDe would not be speaking with her if she couldn’t concoct the potion.

"If mentor Lou De can personally demonstrate it once, then I would be willing to give it a try.” Shen Yanxiao said as she looked at Lou De.

It’s better to give it a try and see if she could manage to make it than not trying at all and not knowing if she could do it in the end. Who knows, maybe she would manage to barely do it.

Even if there’s only 1% chance of succeeding, Shen Yanxiao wouldn’t give up.

"Very well." Lou De felt satisfied.

"Come with me to the pharmacy room."

The two students were also called to go along, and so they all walk together to their destination. The whole way, they looked at Lou De’s back and the pet.i.te figure beside him; their expressions were complicated.

"This little imp is truly reckless. Does he really think that he can concoct the Breath Concealing Potion?” One of the student was somewhat in a bad mood as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. Unlike them whom Lou De had scolded, Lou De treated this kid with endless concern. This difference in treatment made their mood pretty bad.

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