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Chapter 264 - The Fall of the G.o.ds (2)

"Your eyes." The corner of Shen Yanxiao's mouth slightly twitched as he looked at Xiu's half-squinted golden eyes.

As far as she knows, the color of the eyes of people from this world was not different from that of her previous world, which was mostly black or brown.

What race had a golden eyes?

Xiu didn't opened his mouth, but the Vermillion Bird who was silent at the side suddenly said: "I didn't expect that there would still be a living G.o.d from the Divine race at this present time. So that's the reason why I felt that familiar feeling from you. A thousands of years ago, you must have partic.i.p.ated in the war between the G.o.ds and Demons, am I right?"

Xiu didn't answer Vermillion Bird's question, he just stood there quietly and motionless.

Shen Yanxiao, on the other hand, felt very shocked with the words of Vermillion Bird.

A living G.o.d?

What does that mean?

Thousands of years ago, the Divine Race and the Demon Race who both governed the entire world had launched a world-shaking war. That fierce battle almost shook everything. The rivers of blood and corpses of the soldiers of the two races could be seen everywhere. And because of that war, the Divine Race which was revered by the people had almost been annihilated. The only G.o.ds who had been able to survive were also severely wounded in that battle. But they only managed to maintain their existence for a short time and still died in the end. The Demon Race went back to the underworld while the Divine Race suffered a total destruction.

The war of the G.o.ds and Demons had brought about a great blow to the whole world. All the continents of the world were dragged into that battle. Humans, Elves, the Dragon Race, all of them had joined the fight against the Demon's invasion. But even so, the G.o.ds had also paid a great loss in the fight against the Demon Race.

The war that continued for hundreds of years led to the withering of this world. Until thousands of years after the end of the war, people had finally rebuilt their homes.

But although the Demon Race had returned to the bottom of the world, the demons who came up to the ground and had been left atop this piece of land had brought infinite suffering to the people.

The Divine Race had perished, and the remaining G.o.ds had been drained of their power, who were soon after the war was over, had also fallen.

For thousands of years, the Divine Race had become a legend that was being pa.s.sed from the people's mouth.

Was Xiu from the Divine Race?

Shen Yanxiao didn't dare to believe her own guess. Every appearance of a G.o.d from the Divine Race would bring a great turbulence to the human world.

The reason why the G.o.d's domain had such a lofty status was also because the power of the people of the G.o.d's domain were the closest to the divine power of the G.o.ds of the Divine Race.

[TL/N: G.o.d’s Domain was the home of the sage who had awaken Vermillion Bird from his slumber. xD]

If a living G.o.d from the Divine Race was to appear before the eyes of the people at this present time, it was feared that the whole continent would be crazy.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that we are allies now." Xiu could feel the fluctuations of Shen Yanxiao's heart. He had no intention of explaining his ident.i.ty.

The past was just fleeting clouds. G.o.ds or Demons, they had long withdrawn from the stage of the history.

He's now only a soul that was living inside a human's body.

"You're right." Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled. What difference would it make to her if she knew his ident.i.ty? What's important to her was that he could unlock her seal. So what if he was even a Demon?

Vermillion Bird knitted his brows into a frown. He looked at the calm Shen Yanxiao then glanced at Xiu's face that had no expression, he muttered: "My feelings can't be wrong. But why can’t I seem to remember who you are?" There was definitely a hint of familiarity at the depths of his soul, but no matter how hard he think, he couldn't remember the ident.i.ty of Xiu.

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