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Chapter 255 - Dou Qi Branch (2)

"Speaking about it, this month’s compet.i.tion is just a few days ahead, are you going to join? " Tang Nazhi asked. He was very confident with Shen Yanxiao’s pharmaceutical skills.


Shen Yanxiao nodded.

"Actually, as for the herbs, I may be able to help you a little." Yan Yu opened his mouth after a moment of careful thinking: "The medical skills of the White Tiger Clan receive high praises. There are also a lot of stuffs inside our family's medical storeroom. Only, the part that I can access for now is not big. But I can help you look if there are medicinal herbs you need and then I will find a way to get it."

"Thanks alot." Shen Yanxiao flashed a smile while thanking him. With such strong partners, what was there for her to worry about?

Shan Yanxiao made up her mind to win the pharmacist's compet.i.tion, thus she put more effort  studying their pharmaceutical lessons.

In the afternoon, she put on her face-changing mask and returned to the Archer Branch to continue her study in the archer cla.s.s.

The mentor of the Archer Branch showed a great welcome for Shen Yanxiao’s return. Because Shen Yanxiao had been hiding her ident.i.ty, her disappearance in the Archer Branch had brought an endless headache to the mentors of the Archer Branch. Even Xie Yun had been anxious for a couple of days.

Once the kid disappeared, they wouldn't even know where to start looking for him.

Shen Yanxiao had returned to cla.s.s that afternoon. Xie Yun had immediately summoned Shen Yanxiao and he was relieved to learned that Shen Yanxiao was absent for a few days because she was ill.

He didn't want for such a highly talented student to be missing inexplicably out of the blue.

"Mentor Xie Yun, I have something to ask you for help." Shen Yanxiao recalled her prior thoughts and said.

"What's the matter?" For this student, Xie Yun had great expectations.

Shen Yanxiao replied: "It has been quite a while since I came to the Archer Branch but I still don't know what my current rank as an Archer is. I wonder if mentor can lend me a hand in this matter."

Xie Yun nodded. "I can. However, the testing stones of the Archer Branch has been borrowed by the Dou Qi Branch. Anyway, your body has just suffered from an illness. You can take a break for now. Later, since I would also need to take a trip to the Dou Qi Branch, I'll just bring you along with me and then you can test your strength there."

The Holy Roland School's Dou Qi Branch and Magic Branch were not located inside the Holy Roland School. Even so, the distance was not very far.

Shen Yanxiao pondered. Seemingly, Shen Jiawei, that brat was now in the Dou Qi Branch of the Holy Roland School.

"Understood." Shen Yanxiao slightly hooked up her lips. She might encounter Shen Jiawei in there.

Anyway, even if she saw him, he would never recognize her.

Having personally requested by Xie Yun, the mentor couldn't decline and keep Shen Yanxiao in his cla.s.s. So, in front of all the students in the purple cla.s.s, Xie Yun took Shen Yanxiao out of the cla.s.s.

And such action had instantly caused the purple cla.s.s to burst into noises.

"Where is the mentor taking Xiao Yan?" The students of the purple cla.s.s all looked at the small figure as he left the room, doubting if their eyesight was seeing right.

"Why do I feel that mentor Xie Yun is being too good towards Xiao Yan?" Another student swallowed his saliva. In the Archer Branch, Xie Yun was the highest symbol, and getting the recognition of Xie Yun was everyone's dream.

Just a few words of compliment from Xie Yun to Wan Li before was already enough to attract the envy of many students.

When they looked at this student named Xiao Yan, they remembered how Xie Yun would always visit their cla.s.s to look for him in those days of his absence. And today, when this genius had just appeared, Xie Yun had even personally took him away. 

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