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Chapter 245 - Partners (1)

This d.a.m.nable ghost. Although he had an irritable personality, bad tempered, was smelly, and his pharmaceutical talent was a terrible sight to endure, it was undeniable that he had always been there to protect her, even when there’s no reason to do so.


Shen Yanxiao’s nose somewhat reddened. She actually saw Tang Nazhi as someone great. The real reason why they had a good relations.h.i.+p, even when he was annoying, was because of Tang Nazhi’s ident.i.ty.


So, when did she start being sincere towards Tang Nazhi?


[Annoying Sky: fudge what song should we used...? Oh ehem… So maybe I like you, maybe you'd like me too. If given a chance, I'd stand up and grab you by the hand if I can~]


Shen Yanxiao's heart wasn’t made of iron, so how could she not be moved?


Qi Xia looked at Tang Nazhi who was whole-heartedly defending Shen Yanxiao, and chuckled while raising his head to look at the bright moon up in the sky. His young voice was clear with a hint of laziness and sounded more sharp as he replied:


"Do you think I was worried about his ident.i.ty, when making such a move?”


Tang Nazhi didn’t open his mouth for a moment. Sometimes he don’t understand what his childhood friend, Qi Xia was thinking.


"Why do you think Ouyang Huanyu was in front of the Warlock Branch’s gate tonight? I’m afraid if we hadn’t interfered, something might have happened tonight resulting in that roommate of yours to disappear by tomorrow!”


"What is that supposed to mean?" Tang Nazhi asked, surprised.


Qi Xia narrowed his eyes as he looked at Shen Yanxiao, there wasn’t a hint of smile on his face at this moment.


"How dreadful do you think the suppression of the Radiance Continent is towards the Warlock? We ourselves are very clear about it. Although the Holy Roland School retained their Warlock Branch, have you ever seen a single student successfully enter? Why do you think he is willing to spend extra efforts to find the Warlock, and wait before the gate of the Warlock Branch? Nazhi, you're thinking too naively! I want Little Jue here to be honest. Not because of my curiosity, but because I have to understand what he is going to face. I don't want him to encounter an accident while we’re still in the dark, because then, even if we had the intention to help, we wouldn’t know how.”


Qi Xia's voice had a trace of coldness. At this moment, he seemed to have transformed from the lazy sly fox into the third young master of the Qilin Clan, feared by numerous merchants. Each of his words have a full sense of oppression, stabbing straight through people’s heart.


Tang Nazhi was speechless as he heard Qi Xia’s words. He didn’t think that Shen Yanxiao's ident.i.ty would be so complicated.


But even more shocked was Shen Yanxiao. She had always thought that Qi Xia was an unfathomable guy. Although Qi Xia was still young, he was very deep. Even though she was in regular contact with Qi Xia, she was still cautious towards him. She didn’t expect that this guy would have actually considered so many things for her sake, privately.


He wanted to find out her ident.i.ty, yet his only reason for doing so was to help her out.


Shen Yanxiao’s heart shook. She looked at the other two people who had been quiet the entire time: Yan Yu and Yang Xi. She looked straight into their eyes and could see the same worried expression as Qi Xia’s.


This group of animals, they were really anxious for her?






Shen Yanxiao couldn’t understand why they valued her so much. She didn’t have anything that was worth using, so why were they showing so much concern for her?


"For you all to be thinking a lot for my sake, is it all worth it?" Shen Yanxiao's voice was somewhat husky. She was sure that Qi Xia hadn’t lied and everything he’d said was true.


Qi Xia raised his eyebrows: "Are you an idiot?"




"Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that we are a team.  As a team we must show concern for each other. Isn’t this the proper thing to do?"

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