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Chapter 236 - Summoner (1)

Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a moment but unable to withstand Yun Qi's insistence, she could only cast the curse in the end.


As Shen Yanxiao's fingertips form a series of seals, Yun Qi's eyes turned more and more stunned. Shen Yanxiao's movements were perfectly amazing. Like a pa.s.sing clouds and flowing water[1], those intricate hand seals were untied by her fingertips, and her fast speed made Yun Qi extremely speechless.


If Yun Qi was not aware that Shen Yanxiao had learned the Collapse in just less than two months, he would think that Shen Yanxiao had been proficient in using the Collapse for many years.


And after seeing the action of Shen Yanxiao with his own eyes, the original doubts in Yun Qi's heart turned into nothingness and his mouth instead have a hint of smile.


This little girl was more talented than he had imagined!


Perhaps one day she would really be able to bring the Warlock back to the peak!


In the blink of an eye, the combinations of hand seals were all united and the entire body of Yun Qi was enveloped with the powerful curse of Collapse.


But what surprised Shen Yanxiao was that Yun Qi was still standing at the same place like nothing, his upright back has no trace of bending.


Did the Collapse fail?


“Haha! Little girl, you did a great job! This combination curse, there's nothing more I can teach you about Collapse." Yun Qi laughed heartily, he couldn't remember how many years had it been since he felt so happy like this.


Shen Yanxiao was frozen for a moment, she looked at the intact Yun Qi, her eyes were full of puzzlement.


She had seen the effect of the Collapse before and Yun Qi didn’t deny the success of the curse technique as well, so why wasn’t he affected by it?


Didn’t Xiu said that there’s not any traces of magic in Yun Qi’s body?


‘It seems like I failed. This person’s strength seems very strong. But because of some secret spell, the magic inside his body was temporarily sealed. And with my current power, I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to measure his real strength.’ Xiu didn’t show any of his pride as he used to be. Rather, his voice sounded a little upset.


Even Xiu couldn’t detect the strength of Yun Qi? Shen Yanxiao was really dumbfounded. Even the strength of Ouyang Huanyu couldn’t escape Xiu’s judgment... just how strong was Yun Qi’s power in the end?


“Oh, you don’t have to be so surprised. The Collapse have no effect on those who are five ranks higher than you. Your current strength was probably only the same as those who are in the peak of Intermediate Warlock. Right now, there is no way you can hurt me.” Yun Qi saw the surprised expression of Shen Yanxiao, thus he immediately explained.


Five ranks higher? Shen Yanxiao silently calculated, every Warlock’s level was composed of three ranks. Rank 1 - 3 was the Warlock Apprentice, rank 4 – 6 was the Primary Warlock, and rank 7 – 9 was the Intermediate Warlock. Yun Qi said that her current strength was akin to the peak of Intermediate Warlock. Then, she had at least have the strength of a rank 9 Warlock. And above the rank 9 was the Senior Warlock whose rank was up to 12, then the Advanced Warlock with rank 13 – 15.


Does that mean that Yun Qi was a rank 14 Warlock?


“Master, are you an Advanced Warlock?” Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but asked.


Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smile but didn’t look like a smile as he asked: “Do you know what those Warlocks are called after they’ve been promoted when they reached the peak of the Advanced Warlock?”


Above the rank 15 Warlock? Wasn’t that the level of the Summoner and Magister?


Once the Warlock had break through from the rank 15 and reached the rank 16 above, there would be a great change in strength. Warlocks under rank 16 could use arbitrary curse techniques to restrict their opponents, but the Warlocks from rank 16 and above were known as the Summoner. Because aside from being able to use strange curses, they could also summon the existence of a powerful phantom beasts from another s.p.a.ce using their own blood as a medium to use for their own effectiveness.

 [1] Natural and unforced

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