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 If demons could only be caught like a small rabbit,  then the several countries in the Radiance Continent would not have a headache because of them.

What Xiu wanted was for Shen Yanxiao to capture all those demons who was giving endless headaches to the people of the whole Radiance Continent..

It wasn’t that Xiu was crazy, it’s just that.. That idea was crazy

'These are not the problems, as long as you can unlock the third layer of the seal before the compet.i.tion, my strength will certainly recover as well, then I can help you with the barren land.' Xiu’s voice this time was full of self-confidence and it didn’t have a bit of fear that like those people who feared the demons. In his eyes those demons were just like a dust.

"How long will it take to unlock the third layer of the seal?" With regards to the strength of Xiu, Shen Yanxiao didn’t really care too much. But she vaguely felt that once the third layer of the seal was unlock, it would bring up a great change both to her and to Xiu.

'If you can find seventy thousand crystallic nuclei, I can help you untie the seal tonight.'

"70,000... you’re asking me to die, ah!" Shen Yanxiao wanted to find a block of brick and hit him, wasn’t the demand getting higher and higher each time?

And if she remembered correctly, those thousands of high level crystallic nuclei that she previously stole from the treasury had already been swallowed up, and yet to unlock the third layer of the seal, she still needed 70,000 low-level crystallic nuclei...

Shen Yanxiao silently look at the days ahead. The road to unlock the seal was really a long one!!!

'You can continue to look for crystallic nucleus, but before that, you have to lay a solid foundation for your Warlock and Archer's path. Now that you have entered the Archer Branch, I am not very worried in your Archer's cultivation. However, as for your Warlock, I haven't seen much of your cultivation this half month, if this goes on, I'm afraid your promotion will be slow. '

Because Ouyang Huanyu had been searching for the Warlock, Shen Yanxiao did not dare to practice the curse techniques on a grand scale. Xiu didn’t need to remind her about her slow progress, she herself could feel that she didn’t progress that much.

'Although the sheepskin book has a lot of great curse techniques in it but they are all useless in building a solid foundation.'

"I'll go back to the Warlock Tower tonight." It was indeed hard to establish her foundation using the sheepskin book, hence, she could only take this opportunity to go back to Warlock Tower to ‘get’ some basic books.

That night, after Tang Nazhi and Lin Xuan had fallen asleep, Shen Yanxiao once again sneaked into the Warlock Branch.

From far away, she saw a light candle in the Warlock's Tower, the warm light had lit up a small piece of s.p.a.ce in the darkness.

The quiet Warlock Branch was still the same empty place as before.

Shen Yanxiao stealthily walked inside the dark area, but there was a hint of unease in her heart.

This uneasiness came from the sharpness of her soul, and she always felt that something was going to happen.

She cautiously observed everything around and did not directly went into the Warlock tower. She observed for a long while but did not find anything unusual.

Is she being paranoid?

She had already went to the Warlock's Branch several times and there hadn’t been any accident. It seemed that the situation this time wasn’t like the usual, but she didn’t feel anything unusual at the moment.

"Xiu, can you help me look if there’s something not right in here?" The unease in her heart still existed and Shen Yanxiao didn’t dare enter the Warlock tower. Although Xiu was only a soul that was temporarily residing in her body, his perception was far higher than Shen Yanxiao for who knows how many times.

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