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Chapter 219 - Chapter 219: The Start of the Challenge (2)

The first round was the Fixed target. As the name implied, it was played out with a stationary target. The instruction was that Wan Li and Shen Yanxiao needed to shoot 10 arrows on the target that was 100 meters away. Whoever had the most arrow nailed to the bullseye would be the winner.


This was the game that the students of the Archer Branch were most familiar with. Every weekdays, they would always practice with a fixed target and it’s not worth watching as it was only focused on the accuracy of the two people.


Even the students of the red cla.s.s could hit the bullseye five or six times out of ten arrows, what’s more for the other The hit rate of the purple cla.s.s students were of course far higher than the others. They could hit the bullseye at least nine times or higher.


Wan Li and Shen Yan Xiao stood at their respective positions. Wan Li was holding a wooden bow that he had bought in the Gold-smelting weapon shop a few days ago. The bow was decorated with a rank 5 magic nucleus. Although it’s not the best but it was still considered a good bow.


Shen Yanxiao held the Purple Baron in her hands and compared to Wan Li's magnificent bow, the Purple Baron's inconspicuous appearance almost made the others not to pay any attention to its existence.


But due to the "3 million" rumors, a lot of students were focused on the Purple Baron. Everyone could not believe that the legendary bow was incredibly built with that kind of wood. Not only did it look dull, but its body was also bare that not even a single shadow of a magic nucleus could be seen.


This was clearly a piece of semi-finished product that had not yet been fitted with a magic nucleus.


The students find it hard to believe that Shen Yanxiao had actually took out such a semi-finished product to partic.i.p.ate in the challenge. Isn't that a joke?


A weapon inlaid with a magic nucleus and a weapon without a magic nucleus, whether it be power or ability, surely the gap would be great. Otherwise, the magic nucleus wouldn't be priced so expensively.


Regardless of how much the bow was sold, without the magic nucleus, it couldn’t be compared with other weapons.


Everyone thought that Shen Yanxiao was making her own situation worse. Anyway, there’s even no way for her to win. Even if she had taken out a much better bow and not that semi-finished product, it still wouldn’t make any difference.


Wan Li glanced at Shen Yanxiao. He took the lead by picking up his longbow and then putting an arrow on the string. He breathed and concentrated for a moment before shooting the arrow towards the target that was 100 meters away.


The arrow rapidly flew away like a lightning bolt and in a blink of an eye it struck the bullseye!


"Beautiful!" The students in the Archer Branch couldn’t help but sigh endlessly, that movement and accuracy were perfect and without blemish. Wan Li’s movements could serve as a teaching material for the other students of the Archer Branch.


Even Xie Yun couldn’t find anything lacking with Wan Li’s movements.


Everyone exclaimed in admiration.


Wan Li, in quick succession shot out four arrows and all of them hit the center of the target. These four arrows almost touched each other and all of them were nailed inside the red dot.


On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao didn’t move and just waited. Finally, the ten arrows had been shot and hit the bullseye, concluding Wan Li’s performance with a perfect result.


Satisfied with his own results, Wan Li looked at Shen Yanxiao but found out that she still hadn’t made any shot and was just holding her bow while watching at the side.


"What? Are you afraid?" Wan Li sneered. Yesterday, he had heard some news regarding Shen Yanxiao from the other students.It hadn’t even been a week since this little devil went to the Archer Branch. For this kind of person, don’t mention about hitting the bullseye, landing an arrow on the target was already good enough.


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. She grabbed the Purple Baron with her left hand while her right grabbed a pile of arrows in the arrow basket, and then put it all on her bowstring to shoot.


"What is that kid trying to do?" Everyone looked surprised at Shen Yanxiao’s inexplicable move, they couldn’t completely understand what she was doing...

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