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Chapter 213 - Chapter 213: If you want to fight with me, then fight (2)

While holding the Purple Baron in her hands, Shen Yanxiao took an arrow from the arrow basket. She then steadied her body and took a deep breath before gently putting the arrow on the bowstring.


'Good posture.' Xiu commented as if he could clearly see Shen Yanxiao’s movements. After learning the basic lessons, Shen Yanxiao’s posture looked very standard. It was nothing like the stiffness she had last time in the division master’s place. In just one afternoon, she was able to turn from a layman to an archer that had the correct shooting posture. Just how strong was this talent.


There was a trace of smile in Shen Yanxiao’s mouth, looking at the target that was 100 meters away; she fiercely released the arrow from her hands.


The arrow flew straight onto the bull’s eye and then firmly nailed the center of the target.


This time, the arrow did not penetrate the target but was nailed to the target.


“Is it because of the arrow?” Shen Yanxiao saw that the result was different from before; she raised her eyebrow.


‘Although the gray spirit arrow is not the best arrow, but each of those arrow had a cast runes of the forging master. You’re using an ordinary arrow right now, the effect will naturally be different.’ Just like a strict tutor, Xiu removed the doubts in Shen Yanxiao’s heart.


There’s actually a difference? Looks like it was a good thing that she was able to extort those 300 gray spirit arrows from the division master the other day.


‘Being a real archer isn’t just as simply as. .h.i.tting the bull’s eye. In the future, you may face magical beasts with thick coa.r.s.e-skin or enemies that uses light s.h.i.+elds and armors. I’m afraid you cannot break their defenses with this kind of strength.’ Appropriate encouragement was needed, but accurate cognition was equally important.


Xiu wasn’t being stingy with his criticisms to Shen Yanxiao. For the true essence of being an archer wasn’t just about shooting; at the very least, shooting an arrow was only considered the most basic thing in being an archer, the true essence of an archer was actually the speed and strength of the arrow.


‘Even though you can rely on those arrows with runes, but if you want to be a top-notch archer, you have to rely on your own ability. After all, bows and arrows, in the end are merely an additional weapon. If you can make a strong blow with just using the most common bow and arrow then that would be better than having good weapons.'


“Strength." Shen Yanxiao thought about it. Shooting an arrow was indeed the most basic thing. If she wants to stand out, then she needed to improve her strength.


Shen Yanxiao took another two arrows and put them on the string; her mouth had a touch of a smile.


“Then, how about this?”




An arrow shot out!


While the first arrow was flying towards the target, Shen Yanxiao immediately used her spiritual power to lock onto the first arrow, and then shot another arrow that flew away like a lightning. The speed of the second arrow was more swift and it was accurately directed at the tail of the first arrow which had yet to reach the bull's eye. The second arrow hit the first arrow causing the speed of the first arrow to suddenly boost. In the blink of an eye the first arrow had ran through the target!


After seeing how Shen Yanxiao shot the arrows, even Xiu couldn't help but became slightly surprised.


Shooting two consecutive arrows with one arrow strengthening the power of the other one; it made the ordinary arrow to successfully ran through the target! 


How accurate does a vision need in order to see an arrow flying rapidly? And how fast do both hands need to shoot another arrow at the tail of the first one before it reach the target?!


It would be very hard to find those kind of people in this world that possessed such an aberrant skills!


'You have infused magic in the second arrow.' Xiu quickly found the reason as to how she achieved such result.


For the first arrow, Shen Yanxiao had pulled the bowstring to the limit. It was almost impossible for the second arrow to surpa.s.s its speed but Shen Yanxiao did it.

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