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Chapter 200th Smas.h.i.+ng you with gold coins (1)

Meng Yijun, who was preparing to pay for the bow, was startled by Shen Yanxiao. He instantly looked at the dark purple longbow in Shen Yanxiao’s hands and immediately his face showed a color of contempt.

The bow in the hands of Shen Yanxiao was not only very inconspicuous but the dusty appearance also suggests that it was not a good stuff. Meng Yijun compared it to the gilt wooden longbow placed on the table at the same time. One was dull without l.u.s.tre and the other had a luxurious sparkle. It’s like a mud being compared to a cloud.

Meng Yijun coldly snorted. Aside from its ordinary appearance, it was also not inlaid with a magic nucleus. It’s simply a semi-finished product that had not been completed.

“Pfft. This kid’s brain is not good, to even buy a semi-finished product. Guess he doesn’t really have money and wants to pick up a bargain. I think that junk is just a waste product that was created by a forging apprentice as a practice. That bow is probably worth only a few gold coins.” Wan Li sneered at Shen Yanxiao.

“Of course, not everyone can afford to buy the best bow, only Senior Meng such a heaven’s favoured son is worthy of a gilt wooden bow.” Another youth hurriedly said trying to flatter him.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at this three people. The corners of her mouth lazily hooked up.

She has no time to pay this few brain crippled any mind.

The shop a.s.sistant was surprised to see the bow that Shen Yanxiao handed over, a hint of strangeness flashes across his eyes. He frowned as he looked at Shen Yanxiao with some impatience: “This bow, you can’t afford it.”

Can’t afford it…

Wan Li and the others laughed as if there’s no tomorrow. Just by looking at this poor kid from head to toe, it’s already quite obvious that he couldn’t even fished out even a single gold coin.

“Don’t talk rubbish; just immediately say the price!” Shen Yanxiao was getting sick of this group of fools. She’s just buying a bow, yet why are these foolish people treating her as if she was a good show to watch? If it weren’t because she’s in a hurry to go back and start practicing her archer skills, she really wouldn’t mind teaching these four idiots a good lesson.

The top of archer branch was great? Hadn’t he been personally eliminated by her in test?

The shop a.s.sistant let out a snort: “3 million gold coins, can you afford it?”

3 million gold coins!

The other three people present thought they were hearing things. The bow was 3 million gold coins? That broken bow? Wasn’t it a semi-finished product? Even if the man wanted to make things difficult for the poor kid, that price was too outrageous.

Unfortunately, they all misunderstood the shop a.s.sistant.

The shop a.s.sistant had never spoken a word without thinking, he wasn’t causing any trouble it was just that the price of the bow was really that outrageous.

This dark purple longbow had been in the gold-smelting weapon shop for a year or two. When it was taken out, everyone thought it was just a worthless thing. It was not until the shop owner had personally set a 3 million price on the bow that everyone felt unbelievable.

This was merely a semi-finished product, the price was too exaggerated.

Although all the people didn’t believe that the bow was so valuable but because the owner had personally gave the price, the bow was placed at the middle of the second floor for quite a long time. However, during those times, no one had ever asked about the bow, and the owner didn’t care about it for a long time as well. The staffs then put this semi-finished product with unequal price and value at the corner of the room.

The man didn’t expect that the kid would take the hot potato and threaten to buy it.

Don’t be ridiculous. It didn’t look like this kid could take out a few gold coins from his whole body. To buy this ridiculously expensive weapon was simply a joke.

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