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Chapter 198th A dog eyes look down on a person (2) 

The value of weapons was often measured upwards as long as it came from the hands of a master.

Meng Yijun originally hesitated. But after hearing the words of the shop a.s.sistant, he promptly decided to take this gilt wooden longbow!

One must know that the division master who was living in seclusion in the Black City would rarely come up with a complete weapon in a year, and this was something that could only be encountered, not something to be asked.

“I want this bow.” Clenching his teeth, Meng Yijun decided to buy.

The shop a.s.sistant’s heart was rejoicing. The bow was good, but the price was extremely terrifying. It hadn’t been sold for almost a month; finally a gold master had come. He was completely impatient on selling it.

Just as everyone was satisfied, someone who had been ignored for a long time suddenly opened his mouth.

“I took fancy with the bow first.” She merely thought for a bit, how come she was getting robbed off her thing by someone who had just arrived.

And were this man’s eyes blind? She had been looking for a long time now to buy, but didn’t see him come her way to ask. And this Meng Yijun didn’t even say a few words to her and just directly s.n.a.t.c.hed her stuff?

With the sudden openings of the utter disregarded Shen Yanxiao, the other four people standing aside were stunned.

Meng Yijun slightly knitted his brows, looking at the little imp with absolutely no purchasing power. His mood was not good at all.

The corner of the shop a.s.sistant’s mouth twitched.

What’s the matter with this poor kid? Took fancy? Does he even have the money to buy?

Wan Li and the other juvenile blinked, stunned for a moment, and then laughed aloud.

“I say little imp, you must not joke around alright. You fancy it? Well, I also fancy all the weapons here. But do you have the money to buy? This bow takes more than 1 million gold coins, not more than 100 gold coins. You say you fancy it, then why don’t you pull out some money to buy ah!” Wan Li almost died laughing. Just a little while ago at the first floor, this kid was staring at a bow that costs 700 gold coins, and he was already reluctant to buy. Now, he unexpectedly had the nerves to say he’d taken a fancy to this best quality bow.

This was simply a joke. Don’t say more than 1 million gold coins, he wouldn’t be able to take out even just a hundred gold coins.

“Truly overestimating his capabilities.”Another youth sneered at her, no trace of politeness in his tone.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at the cynical Wan Li, she was not in the mood to go along with this idiot’s nonsense. She was hesitating to buy or not because although the bow was good, but it didn’t resonate with her. However, right now, to find a bow that would resonate with her was not easy. She was anxious to practice the archer’s skills, and would like to put this gilt wooden longbow temporarily for practice, and wait until she met the right one to switch.

But she didn’t expect that this Meng Yijun would fight her over with the bow.

“Don’t you understand the first come first served?” Shen Yanxiao snorted.

“I say, this guest, not that I’m telling you off, but you’ve been looking here for a long time. If you like to buy it I’ll have to trouble you to pay the money first. If not, and you’re just looking at it and will not going to pay, are we not allowed to open the door for business then?” The shop a.s.sistant was in a bad mood with this poor boy disrupting things. Seeing that the bow was going to be sold, what could this poor kid be compared to the payment ah!

“Yes, if you want it, take out the money first!” Wanly secretly ridiculed, this kid was much poorer than him, he couldn’t afford to buy such an expensive weapon. How could he have the nerves to buy it?

Shen Yanxiao was about to speak, but Xiu suddenly said ‘Don’t mind this kind of junk. You go to the northeast corner of the room. I feel there’s something good there.’

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