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Chapter 191st The Black City (1)

Bows were necessary weapons for the archers. No matter how talented Shen Yanxiao was, it would be impossible to acquire archer’s skills empty-handed. But the problem was where to get a bow.

There were some bows for everyday practice in the shooting field of the archer branch. However, those bows were guarded by men, and most of them needed to be fused with magic nucleus. It was only being used temporarily by students who have not yet had the chance to buy their own bows. And since the students of the archer branch generally didn’t use those bows, Shen Yanxiao was all ready to steal one, but Xiu let her give up the idea.

‘The requirements for the bow of an archer were high, and only the bow that really suits you could make your strength reach its peak.’ Xiu would occasionally check Shen Yanxiao’s progress and gave out pointers.

Shen Yanxiao could only give up her plan.

The bows in the shooting field could not be used, and the bows of the archer students were all marked, if she stole them, it could give her more trouble in the future.

So where could she get her hands on a bow?

When Shen Yanxiao was being extra upset, she heard some news from Tang Nazhi’s mouth. In a small city north of the Holy Roland School, there were very prosperous markets, and many of the Holy Roland School students would buy some necessities from there.

According to Tang Nazhi, not only there were various types of professional weapons, but also many black market-specific stuffs.

Shen Yanxiao immediately decided. After knowing the exact location from the mouth of Tang Nazhi, Shen Yanxiao changed her clothes right away and very eagerly, set out for the market.

Phils City was a very small city. The population of the whole city didn’t add up to ten thousand or twenty thousand. However, this was the most prosperous place in the region. As long as one entered the gate, the street vendors could be seen. Phils City was also known as the Black City. This place was lawless, so long as you have the money, you could buy everything you wanted in the Black City.

Dressed in plain clothes, Shen Yanxiao walked into the black market of the city. Although it was already evening, the streets of Phils City were still full of bustling crowds. Groups of people stood around the small stalls, some of them were still wearing the Holy Roland School uniform.

There were also some tall and strong men walking in the middle of the city. Most of them were expressionless, with weapons on their bodies, wearing thin garments, they looked extremely capable.

This was a group of mercenaries. Mercenaries were also a major feature of the Black City.

There was countless mercenary corps in Phils City. They received tasks in the mercenary trade union, and get everything their employer wanted in exchange for remuneration.

Shen Yanxiao’s stature was small, just by walking on the streets would be drowned by the bustling crowd. She wandered on the streets of the Black City to find her original purpose. A pair of intelligent eyes swept through the stalls, looking at those strange things above, she was rather amused.

Magical beasts’ magic nucleus, demonic beasts’ crystallic nucleus, treasured herbs, and there were also all kinds of animals’ teeth and horns. Phils City was indeed a black city, where there’s only something you would not imagined, but nothing you could not buy.

Shen Yanxiao strolled all the way around, seeing a lot of novelty goods. Pretty soon, her gaze was attracted by a shabby little shop.

This shop was called “Faces”.

A very interesting name. Shen Yanxiao stood at the shop’s door, looking inside.

It’s not a big shop, but it was full of wooden boxes.

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