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Chapter 186

Chapter 186th Finding the warlock (2)

“The repression of Radiance Continent towards the warlocks is too severe. I don’t believe that the warlocks would be that terrible. Isn’t the warlock profession also based on magic cultivation?  How come the priests and the magicians with the same magic cultivation are so well-regarded? ” Tang Nazhi crossed his arms behind his head, not understanding the approach of Ouyang Huanyu.

“It’s because many years ago, among the three warlocks of the Radiance Continent, two of them betrayed the teachings of the light and exploited the living using a forbidden technique.” Yan Yu frowned. He was not hostile to the warlock, but he was rather disgusted with the history.

“Yu, what happened back then? Your family should have a record.” Tang Nazhi asked.

The White Tiger Clan has been well-known for their healing prowess for so many years, and they know a lot of things that are impossible for ordinary people to know.

After hesitating for a moment, Yan Yu slowly said: “I know a little. In the past, warlocks are as highly regarded as the magicians. There were a lot of people in the Long Xuan Empire learning the curse techniques back then. Although the warlocks’ curse technique doesn’t have the same instantaneous lethality that the magic of the magicians has, but their special role is very popular with some influential families and even imperial families.”

“I heard that the curse techniques of the warlocks are all sneaky.” Tang Nazhi raised his eyebrow.

Yan Yu nodded.

“Yes. If the magician is a human fortress, then the warlocks are poisonous gas which can kill people in silence. No one knows when the warlock will attack. So both in army and among the private guards, there had been a lot of warlocks, and they often do something dark in secret.” It can be said that the warlocks didn’t really have a good reputation from the start. This kind of profession which was difficult to guard against once made a lot of people suffer from headaches.

“What about the forbidden technique?” Like a curious kid, Tang Nazhi has been throwing questions one after another.

“I don’t know exactly. But it seems that the two warlocks captured a group of strong people in the Radiance Continent, using their bodies’ magic and dou qi to do some inhumane experiments.” Yan Yu is not very familiar with the matter. Although he is the young master of the White Tiger Clan, but a lot of things will only be exposed to him once he become the real family head.

“A bunch of stubborn people. There are definitely good and bad warlocks. Just because some sc.u.m had done something wrong in the past, they are rejecting all the warlocks?” Tang Nazhi was somehow upset.

“It is not something we can control. And we also don’t know how they will do the examination. As far as I know, if one wanted to find out which path a person is cultivating, they can look at the dou qi and magic in their bodies. And the only way for a wide scope inspection is by relying on martial firestone and magical spirit stone.”

“What do you think will happen if the warlock was found?” Tang Nazhi looked at the restless students around him. He had a feeling that once the person was found, no matter who, it is feared that there was no way the person can remain in the Holy Roland School.

“Who knows.” Yan Yu shrugged his shoulders. He has never been concerned about other people’s affairs.

Shen Yanxiao just stood at the side of the four people and listened to what they were talking about, her mood fell to the bottom.

She thought they only discovered that there’s a thief among the students, who knew that the use of her curse technique was actually exposed? G.o.d knows, if she knew that the curse technique will be discovered, she might just as well have stolen things directly.

Now it seems that the Holy Roland School will not easily let this matter off. Once she’s been caught, dropping out of school was a small thing, she will not allowed herself be trampled on to death by this group of bear children with full hostility to the warlocks.

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