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Chapter 162

Chapter 162nd Spoof (2)

The four men are still lying down, silently sleeping on the ground. The swordsman was only surrounded by a small, seemingly feeble pharmacist student who looks like would fall over with just a blow of a wind. Moreover, they have been watching the other side, and the small pharmacist was just sitting on the gra.s.s in a quiet and steady manner. Aside from the continuous rubbing of his hand due to nervousness, there was no sign of attack at all.

“It couldn’t be that guy has some sort illness like epilepsy?” Because the four people are a little far away, they did not discover what the movements on Shen Yanxiao’s hands were, plus the swordsman was blocking some part of Shen Yanxiao’s body. Therefore, this group of people would never dream that the little pharmacist whom they are trying to rob off was in fact a senior-level warlock!

Yes, Shen Yanxiao, who has learned the five-level combination curse technique has already reached the level of a senior warlock. But having not much understanding of the warlock skills and having no one to properly guide her, she still has some uncertainties. In fact, Shen Yanxiao thinks that she had just entered the warlock’s threshold.

She feels that she’s still a warlock’s apprentice or something.

The four teenagers didn’t find anything unusual. They just thought that the swordsman had suffered from his sudden illness.

It was the priest of the team who was urged by several youths to check the situation of the swordsman, while the archer continued to point an arrow to Shen Yanxiao, preventing Shen Yanxiao from shouting to wake up her other teammates.

Holding a staff on his hand, the priest slowly walked to the side of the swordsman. He cautiously looked at the smiling Shen Yanxiao, and did not find anything wrong with the little imp in the end. The other side seems to be a 13-year-old little guy; a pharmacist with no fighting capability. Seeing the age is also a freshman, and has not officially began the path to being a pharmacist yet, it is absolutely impossible to refine a terrible potion for self-defense.

After the priest had determined that Shen Yanxiao is not a threat, he immediately squat down to check the situation of the swordsman.

What the priest saw astonished him!

The swordsman, with his face facing the loess, has fallen into a mild coma, his eyes turned white, with the corners of his mouth foaming.

However, before the priest could notice anything amiss, a tremendous pressure spread immediately over him.

Only to hear a thump, following the swordsman’s example, the hapless priest fell flat on the ground, and even worse than the swordsman, his whole face was buried in the ground.

The other three people in the distance dumbfoundedly stared at the priest, not believing their own eyes. How did the two people whose condition were good just before walking there, uniformly lying on the ground in an instant? They didn’t see anything at all!

“This is bad. It must be that the four people lying there were just pretending to be asleep. Maybe they did some magical trick on the ground and deliberately used the badge to cheat us. ” The student from pharmaceutical branch has been in a cold sweat in this inexplicable situation. He had little guts, in the face of such an outrageous thing; he can feel a s.h.i.+ver run down his spine.

His words also resonated with the other two.

Now that they think about it, under this clear blue sky, a team would actually dare to sleep on such a wide meadow, and left only a small, defenseless pharmacist to stand guard. Furthermore, they blatantly laid out those badges on the gra.s.s as if to invite people in getting them. This is clearly a trap ah!

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