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Chapter 169th End of the Test (3)

Cao Xu and Qi Xia both represent the highest level of existence in each branch. And in this test, the two of them a.s.sembled an elite team, however the result is not the same.

Cao Xu’s team was defeated miserably, while Qi Xia’s team left everyone cheering for their fruitful result.

Thus, the students of the swordsman branch and archer branch did not dare to appear before the magician students just so they can be arrogant. Normally, they don’t laugh at these less fragile professions, but now the gap between Cao Xu and Qi Xia is so great. Do they have any face to show?

“What about being able to s.n.a.t.c.h the top spot? If that guy hadn’t dropped out of school, will Cao Xu be able to sit in the top of our branch? Don’t be ridiculous.”

“Who said that? If that guy was still here, we would not lose so much face.”

“When the tiger is not home, the monkey poses as the king. What can we do?”

The sound of contempt pa.s.sed into the ears of Cao Xu. He gritted his teeth and stared at the students who had walked past his tent. He knew that the students of the entire branch have never treated him as the real first. Everyone is saying that he had just taken advantage of the empty top spot, and in the end he got his present miserable result.

“d.a.m.n! If I hadn’t been tampered with, how could I have fallen to such a point!?” Cao Xu cannot do anything but clenched his teeth. He heard from Kang Si a few days ago that the reason why he lost his badge somehow was because someone had casted a curse on him.

Kang Si was worried about Cao Xu having psychological problems because of their miserable result in the test, hence he quietly told him about the curse but also warned him a thousand times to not tell anyone about the matter.

But there was only hatred in Cao Xu’s heart. He was well aware that only warlocks could use curses. And it is clear that among these students, there’s a person lurking hiding his warlock’s ident.i.ty, and that person is the very culprit to his miserable state right now!

If it’s not for that warlock, he would not be the laughingstock of others!

One day, he will find that hateful warlock and tear him to shreds!

According to the news about the warlock that Cao Xu got from the mouth of Kang Si, the mentors of the school have not yet found out who that person is. They only know that the person will only attack the students but not deliberately hurt people. Now, all the mentors present in the encampment are trying to find out the warlock’s ident.i.ty.

“Warlocks, these scourges indeed should not exist in the Radiance Continent.” Cao Xu narrowed his eyes, he knew that the warlock who framed him must have been among the students. He’s going to find that person, uncover the trash and expose them to all eyes of the people. He’ll let everyone spit on the dirty, despicable profession.

Cao Xu sets a firm resolve secretly. He will clearly investigate the ident.i.ty of that warlock. He will let the trash understand that provoking him was a wrong decision!

“Trash, just wait for your death.”

… …

“Achoo!” Shen Yanxiao suddenly got a big sneeze, watching the sides of the encampment where several students are in a middle of vigorous arguments, and then she looked at the four buddha at her own side.

The three people, obviously the trigger of these arguments, are leisurely and carefree following behind Ling Yue, without paying any heed to the noises around them.

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