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Chapter 167th End of the Test (1)

Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiao’s unhappy little face and chuckled.

“The trick of deception, besides, do I need to chant magic incantations?”

“…..” Even if she’s not familiar with the profession of magician, she still understands that to cast a magic, chanting incantations is necessary. Who is he actually trying to fool!?

… …

With the lapse of time, among the students partic.i.p.ating in the test, there were finally pharmacist students who had configured the antidote, and the real fight started from this moment. After the liberation of their strength, the stronger teams have achieved a large advantage in the battle.

More and more teams have launched a fierce battle for the badge. And in the midst of the fight, there was a succession of students who had been injured and sent out of the test.

But Shen Yanxiao didn’t mind all of this.

Qi Xia and the others continue their progress smoothly, just like a bulldozer.

A full seven-day test, the five-person team has reached an astonis.h.i.+ng number of 700 badges, indicating that more than 700 people have suffered from the thras.h.i.+ng of these five individuals and were kicked out of the test by their hands.

Until the end of the test, the badge in Shen Yanxiao’s ring has reached 782 pieces.

More than 700 badges, if divided into everyone’s hands, there are more than 100 pieces.

When the test was over, the bells echoed through the entire dark forest. The students who had been frightened for seven days finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The mentors of each team found their own students from the woods and took them out of the dark forest.

The mentor who’s responsible for Shen Yanxiao’s team is the elder mentor Ling Yue. When Ling Yue saw the different kinds of badges hanging all over the five people, the calm old man also cannot help but show a gratified happy expression.

The team of five followed Ling Yue back to the encampment. But having just stepped at the entrance of the encampment, pairs of complex eyes immediately shot to the five individuals who had just returned.

“That’s Qi Xia?” Some gossipy archer whispered to the side of the magician of the same team.

“That’s him, the boss of the magician branch. When I heard about the test, a couple of naive guys took advantage of them when their team was suppressed by the potion. The result was that they were not thrown out. Then later, they hunted them one by one and gave them a good beating.” The magician student said vividly.

“I heard that one called Qi Xia used a senior-level ice and snow magic, and hundreds of people were frozen into ice lumps, is this true?” Another curious student had joined in the conversation.

“No way, Qi Xia is just a soph.o.m.ore student. Even among the third grade students, no one has broken through the level of senior magician. He’s only 16 years old, how can he become a senior magician?” The archer finds it hard to accept what he just heard.

“You not believing it mean you’re ignorant. What is impossible? After Qi Xia was admitted to school, it didn’t take long for him to single out several of the strong third grade students. Those seniors who thought themselves infallible, hadn’t they all ended up bleeding?” The magician student is extremely proud, sticking out his own chest. There such a genius in their own branch, his face naturally has a brightened expression.

“It’s impossible to be a senior magician at such a young age.” The archer still didn’t believe.

“Hey, why are you so blind? Ask those who are still lying in the infirmary if they were frozen into ice by Qi Xia, and then be carried back.” The magician said arrogantly.

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