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Chapter 147th Warlock (3)

“I am certain!”  Na Ken firmly nodded.

The elder mentor immediately frowned; he walked to the side of the nervous Lin Ke and said: “Student, you go back.”

Lin Ke nodded worriedly, and uncomfortably left the tent.

He didn’t know why Na Ken mentor would say he was a bit unusual, but what worries him more is that Na Ken mentor has said that his nerves have corrosive magical fragments.

He’s not going to get a strange illness, right!

Lin Ke made up his mind to go to the infirmary first; he should not die prematurely ah! He hasn’t done any shameful thing with a female student yet, he will not die!

After Lin Ke had left, the elder mentor immediately faced Na Ken and speak: “The situation you’ve just said is not a special case. Just now Kang Si also came to tell us that there is also a trace of some corrosive magical fragments in the body of a famous student from the team he was in charge of.”

“What!?” Na Ken was stunned. Is it really possible that the warlock he had guessed had begun to target and attack other students?

“Kang Si, tell me.”

Kang Si looked at the anxious Na Ken, he cautiously reply: “The team that I was in charge of is one of the two strongest teams among all the teams, but last night they lost all their badges. I have been feeling strange. This team, although Cao Xu of the swordsman branch is a bit impulsive and arrogant, but Meng Yijun of the archer branch and the pharmaceutical branch’s Shangguan Xiao are very cautious students. And yet, they are the first team that failed the exam.”

Na Ken opened his mouth; he really didn’t know this matter. As early as the teams were formed, before the test started, the various teams have been evaluated by the group of mentors. There are two groups which are considered as the two strongest teams. One team is composed of the magician branch top student – Qi Xia, priest branch top student – Yan Yu, the knight branch top student – Yang Xi, and two new students from the pharmaceutical branch. The other team was made up of the swordsman branch top student – Cao Xu, archer branch top student – Meng Yijun, the Pharmaceutical branch top student – Shangguan Xiao, the priest branch student, second in rank – Qian Shanni and Li Xiang of the magician branch who’s in the top 10 of the rankings.

In terms of strength, the two teams can be said to be comparable. Na Ken himself is a mentor from the magician branch, and he naturally knows how terrifying Qi Xia’s ability as a magician. With his talent, he’s enough to throw off the second ranks in all branches.

Even so, Qi Xia brought in two drags to their team. These two freshmen pharmacists were no great use.

On the other hand, in Shangguan Xiao’s team, the odds are greater. After all, his t.i.tle as the top student of the pharmaceutical branch is not just for show. Even the mentors from the pharmaceutical branch were certain that Shangguan Xiao will be the first one to configure the antidote.

So, in comparison, Cao Xu’s team is a bit stronger.

But this team which strength was recognized by all was actually the first one to be eliminated from the whole test. This is just unthinkable.

“I was wondering why they were so quick to lose, but in accordance with the rules, I still went to pick them up and brought them out of the Dark Forest. But when I went back, I felt something was not right. ” Kang Si recalls that when he brought Cao Xu and the others back, the four people in the team almost unanimously blamed Cao Xu, saying that their badge was lost all because of him.

However, Cao Xu had repeatedly refuted the accusations of the four people.

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