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Chapter 144th Chirp! I am not a robber! (2)

A little guy, who seemed to have started walking just recently, was standing in front of Lin Ke. With a veil on his face, a pair of small hands on his waist, he was looking full of vigor. But that slightly wrinkled eyebrows and that pair of big eyes which are full of grievances make someone feel very strange.

Some unscrupulous thief hiding in the dark, upon hearing the conceited Mythological Beast say the ‘Professional Robber Spiel’ which she had improvised, immediately bursts into laughter on the ground without any hint of decency.

That is originally an imposing speech, but coming from a certain Mythological Beast whose voice has a hint of a mother’s milk, it rather sounds unthreathening.

Lin Ke was dumbfounded. Where did this little guy who suddenly jumped out of the woods came from? And who will tell him why does this ‘preschooler’ have a scarlet red eyes? And what did he say just now?

He may not know where did this little one came from, but Lin Ke could still understand what he just said.

This is a robbery!  


This little guy who is not even the height of his legs will going to rob him?

“Little.. child, are you lost?” Lin Ke cannot really see this little guy in front of him and those ferocious bandits together. He reckoned that he must be a child of a Mercenary who came into the Dark Forest to hunt some magical beasts.

There are a lot of low-level magical beast in the Dark Forest, and all year round, mercenaries have been coming here to hunt them to collect low grade magic nucleus.

To encounter this little imp is still reasonable.

“You are the child! Your family is the child!”  Vermillion Bird, who has been living for more than hundreds of years was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, staring into some naive human being. In his heart, he has scolded his own master who has no moral integrity a thousand times.

What is this d.a.m.nable plan! She actually let him, a majestic Mythological Beast, pose as some professional robber!

Lin Ke was stupefied hearing him curse in a childish tone. He touched his head, not knowing how he will deal with this.

“Good.. You’re not a child, okay. But it’s not safe for a little guy like you to be here…”

“Who’s the little guy!? I’m a robber! Didn’t you heard what I have said!?” Vermilion Bird has never been in such an insult before, his big red eyes have been suppressing his tears. He really regret doing his master a favor, only ignorant idiots would do something so tasteless!

What’s worse! This d.a.m.n human being is not cooperating with him at all, and even disregards his robbery attempt!

“Hey, you Little friend…” Lin Ke was about to ramble again, but not waiting for his words to finish, Vermillion Bird has already flashed in front of him. His pinkish and tender small hands formed into a small fist, Lin Ke have not yet reacted when a punch landed on him.

“Oh!” A person’s wail was heard.

Lin Ke’s body, just like a kite with a broken line, flew straight away in the dense forest, after a long time, a sound of something landed on the ground was heard in a distance.

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth was twitching. He looked at the simple and brutal beast who came out from the corner.

“I say, this is so troublesome! Why not just punch him in the beginning?” Vermilion Bird tore down the veil on his face and exclaimed.

Shen Yanxiao did not speak and just directly picked up a certain beast. She quickly move through the air with a whistling sound and ran where Lin Ke had landed.

TL: I always use Mythical.. Mythological is more proper. :P

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