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Chapter 141st Say Nothing in Everything (5)

Shen Yanxiao doesn’t believe that the Holy Roland School’s mentors will ignore such a big loophole. She is not anxious to look for her next goal and simply sits on the  branch to continue watching the situation of Cao Xu’s team.

They totally believe that they have escaped their current predicament, but this was just their wishful thinking in the end.

Dressed in a black robe, a middled-aged man holding a three-fingered wooden staff appeared at the entrance of the cave.

A group of teenagers were still in the middle of discussion on how to collect medicinal herbs when their attentions immediately attracted to the middle-aged man who suddenly appeared.

Li Xiang’s face instantly turned pale upon seeing the middle-aged man.

“Kang Si mentor!” Li Xiang nervously look at the middle-aged man who suddenly arrived.

Cao Xu and the others were also shocked.

The middle-aged man who appeared before them was not someone else, but the mentor named Kang Si who took them into the Dark Forest, and who is responsible for their scores. Kang Si is from the Magician Branch and is also Li Xiang’s mentor.

“You.. Why are you here?” Li Xiang was feeling guilty looking at the expression on Kang Si’s face. He subconsciously covered his bare chest.

Kang Si’s deep eyes swept through the crowd inside the cave, with a cold tone he said: “I came here to take you out of the Dark Forest.”


Kang Si’s words caused Li Xiang and the others to be stunned.

Kang Si has discovered that the five badges of their team have already gone? But they did not crush the Signal Crystal ah!

Kang Si seems to have guessed this group of youths’s way of thinking and said in a rather disdainful tone:”You really think that if you do not to crush the Signal Crystal, I will not find out the fact that you are already disqualified? How naive!”

Li Xiang and the rest secretly swallowed their saliva. Even the most arrogant Cao Xu did not also dare to be presumptuous in front of Kang Si.

“Didn’t you notice that in this exam, the mentors who led the students into the Dark Forest were all from the Magician Branch?” Kang Si looked at the five individuals became more nervous because of his cold tone.

“As soon as you entered the Dark Forest, I’ve put an induction magic on you and your badges. I will know once all five of your badges are gone.” He said.

Kang Si’s words, like a basin of cold water poured over Cao Xu and the others. The five people who originally holding a glimmer of hope, immediately tasted the flavor of despair.

“Kang Si mentor, please listen to me! This thing is absolutely an accident. It was all because of Cao Xu! If not for him, I will never lose my badge!” Li Xiang hurriedly walked in front of Kang Si trying to save the situation.

“Kang Si mentor, please give us a little more time. Our badge may be lost somewhere in the cave. Let us look for it.” Meng Yijun also remarked hastily.

Kang Si sneered. Watching these students still struggling, he said coldly:

“Forget it. Under my induction magic, as long as your badge is within 10 meters of your perimeter, there will be no alarm. And right now, the alarm is ringing. Your badge is not in the cave anymore.”

The entire cave is only more than 10 square meters in size. Since Cao Xu and them are in a dispersed position, if the badge is still in the cave, it is absolutely impossible not to sense it.

Kang Si word’s declared the defeat of Cao Xu’s group. The five high-spirited youths immediately turned into a spiritless eggplant.

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