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Aeternatix: Was gonna draw this out for longer, but 'eh. Subject matter is "Family Dinner"

Shen Jing smiled. 

"Grandpa and the others are now living in The Rising Sun City within the Barren Land; you can go there from the border of the Long Xuan Empire. The demons will not attack humans through that road." Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Jing, her eyes held a hint of grat.i.tude. 

"How can they live in the Barren Land?" Shen Jing did not understand for a time, the Barren Land was a forbidden region of the Radiance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and said, "I partic.i.p.ated in the school tournament and won the champions.h.i.+p. I occupied several cities in the Barren Land, and then let Grandpa and some others move over." 

Shen Jing’s eyes immediately revealed a very shocked expression. He looked at Shen Yanxiao and incredulity was painted across his whole face. 

His little niece... 

Had done such an earth-shaking thing?! 

Shen Jing was very clear how difficult it was to stand on the Barren Land. What was even more frightening was that Shen Yanxiao not only had a foothold, but also "occupied several cities." 

This was simply...! 

"Good... ness..." Shen Jing looked somewhat absent-minded. His little niece was a bit too ferocious! 

Shen Yanxiao put the Purple Night Seed inside her storage ring and continued to talk with Shen Jing about the situation of Shen Feng and Shen Ling. Shen Jing also asked about the things that happened to Shen Yanxiao in the Barren Land. 

After the conversation ended, Shen Jing felt as if his whole person was floating inside a dream. 

Everything he had heard with his ears seemed so inconceivable.

"Little Yu... Your daughter is really too ferocious... even more brutal than you were..." Shen Jing murmured in a trance. He staggered out of the room under Shen Yanxiao's eyes. Shen Jing needed a certain amount of time to digest everything from this afternoon's conversation.

After sending Shen Jing away, Shen Yanxiao began thinking about how to find her parents in Moons.h.i.+ne City. 

Although she had entered the Silvermoon Guards, it was still unknown where she would be a.s.signed. 

Shen Jing actually gave her a reminder. 

Duan Xue might be a good helper. 

The position of the Lady Saints in Moons.h.i.+ne City was second only to the Elf King and was equal to the Elders of the elves. 

They could walk around in the Moons.h.i.+ne City freely. 

Listening to Shen Jing's idea, Duan Xue should be very helpful to his plan. 

"It seems that before going to Moons.h.i.+ne City, I have to go see Duan Xue again." Shen Yanxiao touched her chin. Things finally had some progress. 


In the evening, the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe specially opened a banquet in order to express their grat.i.tude to Shen Yanxiao. Fresh fruits and sweet wine were all served, and even Shen Jing took part in it. 

An Feng, accompanied by An Ran, thanked Shen Yanxiao for taking care of An Ran in the advanced training camp. 

Shen Yanxiao was beaming as she drank, and her heart felt very wonderful. If she were to calculate, An Feng and her maternal grandmother were of the same generation, so An Ran, being her mother's little brother, should be her little uncle... 

Being treated as a benefactor by her own little uncle really let her have mixed emotions. 

Shen Jing seemed to have recovered his usual self, giggling and laughing out loud with the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe female elves sitting near him. He even invited a beautiful female elf to dance at the opening of the banquet. 

Shen Yanxiao really found it hard to believe that the Shen Jing on this night and the Shen Jing from the afternoon were the same person. 

The speed of this character transformation was just too fast and too skillful! 

As Shen Yanxiao observed the surrounding, there was also a pair of loving eyes staring at her for a period of time. 

Ever since the banquet had started, An Yan's eyes had never left Shen Yanxiao's figure. 

That smile made her think of her daughter... Wen Ya.

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