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The City Lord of the Jadeite City, Duan Yuan, was sitting in the meeting hall, listening to the a.n.a.lysis of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe elves from his men. By his side sat a gentle and beautiful looking female elf. It was Duan Yuan’s daughter, Duan Xue.

"The matter of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe still needs to be discussed. They insist that the gemstones in the trading house were brought to them by an elf. I think it is better to continue the investigation." A young-looking elf spoke.

"What else is there to investigate? We had spent so many days at the door of the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House but we had not found anything at all. We have not seen the Mythological Beast they had spoken of. Moreover, I don't think any Mythological Beast will help any elf, they are more likely to help humans." Another elf, who was slightly older, was obviously not very fond of the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe.

Duan Yuan felt some headache from listening. The Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe was once one of the highest-ranking tribes. Their reputation in the Moon G.o.d Continent had been quite high. It was not until the Lady Saint incident that their reputation had received a huge damage and then later, they were demoted and banished for some special reasons.

However, as far as the subject matter was concerned, the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe who had come into contact with Duan Yuan several times appeared very simple in nature, so it was really difficult to a.s.sociate them to the word "traitor".

"Didn’t they say that the Mythological Beast will come once in a while? How long have we been guarding there? It is not at all appropriate to convict them so blindly." The young elf disagreed with his senior.

The older elf said, "Then why don’t you tell me, have you ever seen any elf who had a close relations.h.i.+p with a magical beast? Not to mention it’s a magical beast with a very high level, that possesses intelligence, a Mythological Beast. Besides, it has not been a day or two since the elves of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe have held a close relations.h.i.+p with human beings. Is not the mixed-race in their tribe the best proof?"

"These two things are two different matters!" The young elf hollered in anger.

Duan Yuan sighed. Just as he was ready to say something, the elf keeping guard outside rushed inside in a panic.

"Reporting to the City Lord! There is a Mythological Beast outside the gate asking to see you." The guard quickly reported the news; in fact, the original message had been toned down by him.

It must be known that the original words of a certain Mythological Beast would not be so polite.

Who did he say is asking to see him?

Immediately, Duan Yuan got up and went outside to see the other party!

"Could that be the Mythological Beast that the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe was referring to?" The elves in the meeting room were quite puzzled.

Duan Yuan immediately walked toward the outside of the City Lord Residence. But before he could step out of the gate of the City Lord Residence, a heat wave suddenly came his way. The blazing flames burned all the way to the City Lord Residence, leaving a surging heat wave in its wake before it disappeared.

Duan Yuan was so startled. Without delay, he hastened his pace!

Outside the City Lord Residence of the Jadeite City, two pet.i.te figures were standing straight as ramrods.

A red-haired, cute, little boy had both his hands on his waist; he was opening his mouth, which was puffing out a cl.u.s.ter of flames, against the City Lord Residence.

The little elf, who was standing next to the cute, little boy, had a calm face as if she didn't feel how earth-shaking the things they were doing at this moment were.

As soon as Duan Yuan got out, he saw that the cute, little boy was ready to set his residence into a sea of flames. His forehead quickly broke out into a cold sweat as he hurriedly said, "I am Duan Yuan, City Lord of the Jadeite City. I wonder why this Mythological Beast friend wants to set the City Lord Residence on fire?"

Along with Duan Yuan’s exclamation, the cute, little boy raised his eyebrows and swallowed back the flames that were already outside his mouth. His gaze was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with arrogance as he looked at Duan Yuan who was already in a cold sweat. He answered him quite rudely.

"You don't know? You have taken away the gemstones of my little fellow and even seized her money. I am already very polite to not burn all of you to ashes!"

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