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Chapter 132nd Guinea Pigs (2)

“What do you mean?” Cao Xu didn’t think that Li Xiang would object, knowing that among the five of them, besides the beauty, Qian Shanni, they are all considered top-notch talents in various academy. Li Xiang thought too highly of his skills, if it’s not only because the top of Magician’s Branch, Qi Xia, is hard to approach, he will not go for a second option.

The idea of Cao Xu is for Li Xiang to take care of miscellaneous tasks, but this is not what Li Xiang wanted!

“How come you don’t have any sense of team spirit? We are in the middle of a test in this Dark Forest, there’s no guarantee that no team will attack us while we’re asleep, do you want to let those bunch of idiots steal everything while we are sleeping?” Meng Yijun also frowned at Li Xiang, he and Cao Xu share the same thoughts, with their strength and Qian Shanni’s beauty, Li Xiang’s existence is just a drag, so his role can just only be the one responsible for miscellaneous things.

“How can I do that on my own! Being a lookout should not only be my job, I also drank the suppression potion ah.” Li Xiang is very aggrieved listening to the two constantly blaming him, this vigil should have been the responsibility of all the members of their team, but Cao Xu and Meng YiJuns’ att.i.tude is obviously pus.h.i.+ng the matter to him.

“You indeed drank the potion, but with your strength, the negative effect on your body is far less serious than the impact on ours.” Cao Xu knit his brows, as the top Swordsman student, if he say one is one, no one will dare to refute him in their branch. Li Xiang’s continues rebuff makes him very dissatisfied.

“…” Li Xiang grind his teeth in secret, although he is not the top student in the Magician’s Branch, this is because the number of magician students are far more than the number of the generations in any other branches, furthermore, the top seat belongs to an aberrant genius like Qi Xia. If he were to go to other branches, his strength is enough to put him in the top three spots.

But in the mouth of Cao Xu and Meng Yijun, he was just like a piece of trash.

“Anyway, I will not agree, if you want someone to be the lookout then we take turns.” He was already fed up with his arrogant teammates.

Li Xiang’s stubborn att.i.tude incur Cao Xu and Meng Yijun’s great dissatisfaction, Shangguan Xiao, who had not made any sound since, also frowned.

The moon s.h.i.+nes brightly, the few people sitting around the warm bonfire are already feeling a little sleepy, but they do not dare to sleep at all. This exam is very important to them after all, and they do not want to be taken advantage of in their slumber.

“Haven’t you discussed it yet?” As the only girl in the team, Qian Shanni has been taken care of by her four teammates, she is already sleepy but she had to accompany these four stubborn guys in their non-stop senseless quarrel.

Qian Shanni’s existence in the team is akin to a G.o.ddess, and the G.o.ddess has now spoken, several men’s faces can’t help but soften.

However, Li Xiang hardened his heart this time and decided not to concede, turning Cao Xu and Meng Yijun very angry, they almost beat him and put him on the ground.

Shangguan Xiao cannot watch the scene in front of him anymore, he said: “Stop arguing already. I have a few bottles of swamp potions on me, we can all sleep in the cave, and I’ll use the swamp potion in the entrance so that even if someone tries to sneak up on us, they’ll be trapped by the swamp potion. ”

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