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Aeternatix: Uhh... I was told to inform y'all that there'll be an event at some point to do with stuff... I was told to give hints, but I feel, for now, that being vague is better~

Shen Yanxiao was very interested in the profession of Enchanter. If she could use enchantment scrolls to create an enchantment boundary around The Rising Sun City, then it could be said that the defense of The Rising Sun City would be unbreakable!

Moreover, enchantment scrolls had an awfully wide range of uses; it was just that on the Radiance Continent, no humans knew enchantment.

Enchantment was originally invented by the elves. During the battle of the G.o.ds and devils in the past, humans and elves had formed a short-term alliance. During that period, many people among human beings learned enchantment with the elves. Only, after the war between the G.o.ds and devils, the relations.h.i.+p between the elves and human beings had grown estranged. Most of the humans who had learned to enchant also died in that battlefield. As for those who had survived, they did not want to pa.s.s the knowledge of enchantment to other humans without the permission of the elves because this thing had come from the elves, after all. 

It had to be said that in the war between the G.o.ds and devils, the nature of mankind should have been much more pure.

The basis of enchantment was writing inscriptions, and the mystery of the enchantment technique lay in those obscure words.

Those words were not of an elvish language, nor were they of any race’s, but a magical text with magical power.

Different text combinations had completely different effects. There could be no deviation when writing, otherwise the text would lose the magical effect.

Also, when writing an inscription, ordinary ink could not be used; instead, it should be a unique enchantment potion in order for it to become effective.

This kind of enchantment potion was only available to the elves, which was another reason why enchantment had disappeared from the Human Race altogether.

Without enchantment potions, humans could simply not write inscriptions with magical power.

It was strictly prohibited to sell the enchantment potions of the Moon G.o.d Continent to foreigners. As soon as one had been discovered doing this, they would immediately be given a death sentence, without any leeway.

There were a few bottles of enchantment potion and a feather brush among the things Lian Qiu had given her.

The potions were contained in large spherical bottles the size of a palm. In the translucent crystal bottles, one could see the golden liquid glittering under the light.

Shen Yanxiao tried to open one bottle, putting it under her nose and smelling the liquid inside.

There was no smell.

She stretched out her pinkie finger and gently dipped it a bit in the enchantment potion. In a split second, she saw a tiny droplet of golden liquid moving at her fingertips.

Instead of spreading as rashly as water, it condensed into a rounded spheroid that wobbled at her fingertips.

"How to write using such a potion?" Shen Yanxiao curiously looked at the "tiny droplet" at her fingertips. The degree of viscosity was so high, just how should one start to write with it?

‘If you want to learn about it, ask the elf named Liang Qiu.’ Xiu’s voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao’s ears.

Shen Yanxiao stuck out her tongue and put the "tiny droplet" back into the bottle.

"Even if I want to learn, I am afraid that the time is not enough. I still have to go to Jadeite City." Shen Yanxiao let out a sigh. There were too many mysterious areas in the world of the elves that made her want to learn, but her time was running out.

In another month, she would enter Moons.h.i.+ne City, which was the destination of her trip.

She wanted to solve the seal as soon as possible and look for her parents who might have been trapped in the Moons.h.i.+ne City. Even for the remainder of this month, she would go to Jadeite City to see the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe and...

Her unlucky Third Uncle!

‘The study of enchantment is not as complicated as other professions, but more dependent on your own practice. You only need to let an elf give you one or two guidelines, after that, even if you enter the Moons.h.i.+ne City, you can still practice it.’ Xiu’s voice had a hint of indolence.

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