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Aeternatix: Uhh... I was told to inform y'all that there'll be an event at some point to do with stuff... I was told to give hints, but I feel, for now, that being vague is better~

In addition to potions, there were also a few bows and ten or so quivers of arrows. There were a total of three bows; aside from the previous ones Cang Yan had given her, Shen Yanxiao also found a golden bow from Lan Si’s hands.

Every forgeman would leave a very inconspicuous mark on the weapons they created. The mark on the golden bow was exactly the same as that on her Purple Baron. Shen Yanxiao immediately knew that this was a gift that Lan Si later added.

These three bows, any of which could be said to be the pinnacle of artifacts, and could be mixed with the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon of the Azure Dragon Clan...

Shen Yanxiao actually got three of them!

This was truly a luxury!

Shen Yanxiao stared at the three bows; her mind had already come up with a plan. Before the completion of the Purple Baron, she would use one of them for the meantime. As for the other two, since the craftsmans.h.i.+p was so outstanding, it would be a pity not to use them.

She intended to present Buddha with borrowed flowers[1], one to be given to An Ran while the other would be given to Li Xiaowei when she returned to the Radiance Continent.

Of course, Shen Yanxiao would first ask for Cang Yan’s and Lan Si’s permission; after all, it was they who had sent these gifts.

Each of the over ten quivers of arrows had been enchanted.

In the world of elves, there was a very peculiar profession— the Enchanter.

They could attach spells to any objects, create an enchantment boundary for buildings, and add a powerful lethality to weapons.

Liang Qiu was one of these Enchanters. It appeared that the enchantment boundary of the Wind City was from Lang Qiu’s hands.

Liang Qiu also prepared a lot of enchantment books for Shen Yanxiao. Pharmaceutical skills were natural for the elves, but the status of the Enchanters on Moon G.o.d Continent was quite similar to that of the Pharmacists on the Radiance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao sat in a chair, picked up an introductory enchantment book, and browsed through it.

Lang Qiu was very attentive. From introductory, basic to advanced, he had prepared enchantment books for Shen Yanxiao, so that she could learn it all on her own.

Many kinds of defensive enchantments of the Radiance Continent were formed by a magical array, and these magical array enchantments had a great shortcoming compared with the enchantment boundary.

The magical array enchantment must be supplied constantly with magic. Either the Magician poured his magic into a magic ball to support and make the magical array enchantment work, or the Magician stayed in the vicinity of the magical array enchantment and continued to transmit magic to it.

And even if there were a magic ball, the Magician still needed to replenish the magic inside it regularly.

But the enchantment boundary was completely not the same.

The enchantment boundary required the Enchanter to create enchantment scrolls written in their own inscriptions. This inscription was a unique skill of the Enchanter. An Enchanter could either directly attach magic force to weapons and other objects, or write enchantment scrolls.

The enchantment scrolls worked similarly to potions and had certain buff and debuff effects.

The elves’ bows did not need the power of the magical nucleus, precisely because the Enchanters had already attached enough magic force to the bows themselves, so they had no need for more external force.

Liang Qiu prepared a set of enchantment scrolls for Shen Yanxiao, which had the effects of acceleration, eliminating one’s breath, relieving negative effects, and even increasing one’s combat power in a short period of time.

The enchantment scrolls were more convenient to use than potions, and had a remarkable and immediate effect. However, enchantment scrolls used on the body were very short-lived and could only last for no more than an hour. They had short durations but explosive effects.

The downside of it was that it would consume the magic power of the Enchanter; unlike a Pharmacist who, as long as they had strength and spiritual force, could concoct potions indefinitely.

[1] offer a present with other people's things.

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