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Wu En and the others just stretched out their legs before they withdrew them silently. They could only look sadly at the departing backs of Elder Yue and Shen Yanxiao.

When the two figures disappeared from their visions, their first instinct was to beat up Lan Si, so they quickly surrounded him.

"Lan Si, you are too much. So you have already met Little Xiao’er before, why didn’t you tell us?" Liang Qiu complained that Lan Si was so "sneaky" for privately meeting Shen Yanxiao. Totally not kind and honest!

Lan Si looked at his several companions with a smile and replied, "I didn't know that she was the elf Wu Yue brought back to the tribe. She wasn’t wearing the badge of the Moonlight Tribe at that time, and I also didn't bring mine, so both sides didn’t notice."

"What? Why was she not wearing it? I think the badge of our tribe is pretty good..." Cang Yan was a little sad. Could it be that Shen Yanxiao still had not recognized them?

"Uh..." Lan Si felt somewhat awkward. He could probably guess some of the reasons. According to Wu Yue, Shen Yanxiao should have been training in the advanced training camp before, but Lan Si saw her when she was supposed to be undergoing rigorous training... that meant, a certain little fella sneaked out on her own.

Not wearing the badge belonging to the Moonlight Tribe must have been to avoid unnecessary trouble.

However, this was Shen Yanxiao’s private matter, after all. It would not be good for Lan Si to say anything about it.

But who among these ones in the room was easy to topple over? They could understand the mystery without any difficulty by just thinking about it for a moment.

"Say Lan Si, what kind of bow does Little Xiao’er want you to modify? You still have time to bring it back, let's discuss it together, ah." Cang Yan smilingly looked at Lan Si. He could not leave this kind of thing to Lan Si alone!

Lan Si answered with a smile, "I don't have any problem with that, but the bow Yan Xiao asked me to modify was the one built by my friend and I a few decades ago. I don’t know how it ended up in Yan Xiao’s hand. It is fate."

"Are you talking about him?" Cang Yan was slightly stunned. Although Lan Si did not mention a name, he already knew this friend he was talking about.

"The bow Little Xiao’er gave you, is it... Purple Baron?" The smile hanging on Wu En’s face stiffened a little.

Lan Si nodded his head.

The expressions of the elves in the room changed slightly.

Wu En and the others were all familiar with the bow called Purple Baron. They had seen it before. They even had a drink together with this friend of Lan Si, only...

Wu En’s and others’ line of sight involuntarily fell on Lan Si’s legs that were covered with thin blankets, a faint hint of disturbed light flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes.

"I think it’s better to create a new bow for Little Xiao’er. Purple Baron... don't continue it any more." Cang Yan said with hesitation.

If it weren't for this Purple Baron, Lan Si would not have his present appearance.

Lan Si gently shook his head.

"I already did not want it before, but I didn't think that after many years, it would actually return to my hands again. Since it is fate, why should I avoid it? Besides, even if I want to continue to complete the Purple Baron, I need a branch of the Tree of Life first. Without it, the Purple Baron still can't be completed.” Lan Si was aware of what they were worried about, but just as they didn’t finish the Purple Baron that year, right now...

The hope of completing it was still very slim.

The Tree of Life was the greatest treasure in the hearts of the elves. Just how difficult would it be to get its branches?

"Just, be careful. If you need me, I will accompany you." Cang Yan patted Lan Si's shoulder and gave him support.

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