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13 8 / 2017

Warning: Do not expect too much from me. This is just a product of being idle for a while. Also I cant guarantee the accuracy of the translation for some parts. But if you really cant wait, just like me. Please feel free to read!

Chapter 130th Pig-like teammates (4)

For now, Shen Yanxiao deeply feel that even without the four “career drag”, she can easily complete this test. What are those scattered students? In her eyes, it’s just a bunch of bright badges. Taking off the badges of those nervous looking students is just a simple thing for her.

(tn: Im not sure but I think her meaning of  “career drag” is them being able to attract too much attention to themselves.)

The problem is, she’s still thinking about whether to rescue her four pig-like teammates.

But when she remembered that some swindler sold her out, she immediately decided to forget the idea. (tn: She’s talking about when Qi Xia told the others that she was the thief who stole things from their clans.)

As for the four animals…

They need to drag things out for a while!

After she made up her mind, Shen Yanxiao began to focus her evil eyes on the students who had fallen on her view.

Obviously, this bunch of students who are forced to form a five-man team and act in a collective action is not so good at coordination.  With their number everything should be easy, but against these four furious young men and a girl as beautiful as a flower…

The situation was totally different!

That was what happened to a certain team.

Sitting awkwardly on the rock beside the stream, the beautiful and unique flower of the Priest Branch, Qian Shanni, is now sweating profusely. Her pale face is sweating slightly. The top of Swordsman Branch, Cao Xu and the top of Archer Branch, Meng Yijun at this moment, although feeling uneasy but still display strong spirits, not wanting to lose face in front a beauty. And Shangguan Xiao, who has a serious illness of cleanliness, begun to scrub his dirty hands crazily with a handkerchief. He kept on scrubbing with a crazy look, his nails are almost being chopped down.

“This time, it’s thanks to Shangguan brother.” Cao Xu wiped his sweat, looking at Shangguan Xiao who is still struggling with a dust.

“Not at all. Since I promised to accept your invitation, then naturally, I will not watch our team be defeated by some rubbish.” Shangguan Xiao still rubbing and wiping his both hands, once he was sure there was no trace of dust left, he threw the handkerchief in the river.

“What Shangguan brother said is right! Those group of brats was incredibly delusional as to target us from the beginning. They did know that s.h.a.gguan brother is already an intermediate pharmacist. Just a little amount of your potion is enough to make them unable to move.” Meng Yijun was busy adding praises.

“I’m only at the peak of Primary level.” Shangguan Xiao pretended to be low-key, but his flas.h.i.+ng proud eyes revealed his arrogance.

He is only 18 years old but he has already reached the pinnacle of the Primary pharmacist. Such a talent, even in Holy Roland School is very rare.

“It’s been hard for you Shangguan brother.” Qian Shanni said softly, her originally pure face has a hint of exhaustion, making her look more pitiable.

Qian Shanni’s concern made s.h.a.gguan Xiao look quite complacent. He did not bother with the proud Cao Xu and Meng Yijun and just smiled gently on Qian Shanni.

“You can rest a.s.sured that as long as I’m here, you will soon regain your normal strength.” As the top student of the Pharmaceutical Branch, Shangguan Xiao is very confident. This time, he will be the first one to configure the antidote using the formula.

Qian Shanni smiled softly with his statement. On the other hand, Cao Xu and Meng Yijun is secretly grinding their teeth.

If not only they need to rely on his pharmacology skills right now, can this meager pharmacist be able to show off in front of them?

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