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The interior of the Moonlight Tribe’s home was very large, but Shen Yanxiao had been pulled by Wu En for quite a while now, yet they did not encounter a single elf. This big house was empty and looked lifeless.

When pa.s.sing through the lobby, Shen Yanxiao saw a portrait filled with elves. None of the elves in the portrait did not possess beauty. She had no idea from whose hands this portrait had come, but it was so very vivid and lifelike that Shen Yanxiao could feel the elves in the portraits staring at her.

"Eh? They don't seem to have come back yet, let’s wait awhile. We don't usually come back often. When Wu Yue informed us that he was letting an elf come, we were basically doing other things. It might take a while for those guys to arrive." Wu En wandered around and found that he was the first one to get home; he instantly laughed a “hehe” and was in a good mood. He took Shen Yanxiao to sit down in the lounge room.

"Yan Xiao, how old are you this year?" Wu En was beaming with a smile as he looked at Shen Yanxiao, just like a family elder showing concern and care for a member of his younger generation.

"I don't know." Shen Yanxiao answered very decisively. She couldn’t calculate her elf age. The life of the elves was five times that of human beings. She really didn’t know what their definition for a minor was.

When Wu En heard her answer, his face showed a slight hint of affection.

"You have suffered, little fella. We have heard about your matters from Wu Yue. You can rest a.s.sured that if you want to find your parents, us old guys can also lend you a hand." Wu En thought that Shen Yanxiao didn’t know her age because she didn't remember when she had been abandoned.

"Uh..." Shen Yanxiao looked at the unbounded loving elderly elf in front of her and suddenly there was a feeling of being under great pressure.


Really too pure.

Wu En’s love for her was unmasked; even the emotions showing in his eyes were practically more pa.s.sionate than her grandfather Shen Feng’s.

"Don't be nervous, there aren't many elves in the Moonlight Tribe. In addition to me and Wu Yue, there are five more. You will see them later." Seeing Shen Yanxiao not saying a lot of words, Wu En thought that the little fellow was nervous, so he was quick to appease her.

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head in a well-behaved manner. She was not good at getting along with the older generation.

Shen Feng treated her very well, but because she had been working hard to improve herself and increase her strength in the Radiance Continent, in the presence of Shen Feng, she also had more of an independent momentum.

As for behaving like a real member of the younger generation and acting spoiled and cute, she seemed to have done it once before. 

Compared with Wu En, Shen Feng's words were really pitifully lacking. It seemed that Shen Feng was still a relatively calm elder.

Just as Wu En and Shen Yanxiao were having a conversation with each other, a tall figure whistled in from outside the door.

"Wu En, your apprentice said that you came back first. I was intending to come back with you. Has the little fella that Wu Yue had tricked into joining our family arrived already?" A deep and low voice impressively came inside.

The figure had not appeared yet, but his voice already came.

Wu En’s face that was originally full of smiles instantly showed a twitching expression.

Shen Yanxiao let out a puff, almost unable to hold back her laughter.


So, in the eyes of the Moonlight Tribe's elves, she had been tricked by Elder Yue?

Shen Yanxiao's chuckle made Wu En's expression more distorted. He stood up directly and dashed toward the tall figure.

"Yell, yell, enough yelling! The little fella’s already here, what are you yelling for?! Can your words have a little meaningful content?!" Wu En fumed at his companion and jabbed him on the shoulder.

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